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Direction to Palms Occi Resorts

For the First Time tourists arriving in Manila, How-to navigate Manila and its Vicinity, and how to get to Mindoro Island to our Resorts

Where are The Palms Resort Mindoro, and Macopa Reef?
The Palms- Macopa Beach Resorts are located in the Philippines on an island called “Mindoro”, facing the South China Sea.

Mindoro Island is divided into two provinces, Mindoro Occidental and Mindoro Oriental. The Resort is on the Occidental side.
The country Philippines itself consists of 7,000 islands plus, prompting other nationals especially members of the United States Military to nickname it “PI”- short for “Philippine Islands.”

The address:
The Palms Resort Mindoro
Bulaong, Concepcion, Calintaan
Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

Before you leave on your trip to us, print our address and phone numbers.  Your cell phone will get you connected to us and you can appraise us of your progress.

The Palms BR and Apo Reef= 31 miles

Shown at left is the location of Apo Reef Dive Park relative to the Resort.

Two ways to get to us from Manila: Air and Land

1) By Air: Flight time- 40 minutes take-off to landing
Whether you’re transferring from an international flight or you’re a domestic flyer, Origination Point described herein is Manila International Airport also known as Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA, Terminal 2.

Airport Destination Designation is San Jose Airport Mindoro (SJA) which is Mindoro Occidental’s provincial airport. Click the link as it is a good portal to information on all the air carriers that service Mindoro Island.

To date, May 2014 there is only one carrier that service the Manila- Mindoro route and that is Cebu Pacific.
Cebu Pacific Air & “Excess Baggage Rate”

“Domestic to Domestic” is the rate classification for international travelers proceeding from Manila (NAIA- Ninoy Aquino International Airport) to San Jose Airport.

When you start thinking about your Tropical Vacation- email us right away. We can help you plan and provide valuable information.

For SCUBA DIVERS go here for more info.

Time-wise- Manila, Philippines is 15 hours ahead of USA Pacific Standard Time. If you live in Los Angeles, California, you will count 15 hours forward or clockwise. If you live in New York, EST, count 12 hours forward as the Philippines is ahead of you by 12 hours.

For international travelers allow 3 hours leeway to pick up your luggage, clear Customs, exit the international portion of the terminal, and do security re-screening for boarding the domestic flight.

Your itinerary might necessitate a night’s stay in Manila. There are a cluster of hotels around the airport. The NAIA link above will guide you to the hotels. When you come out to the cab line, tell your taxi driver the name of your Hotel.

An Itinerary Example by Plane; please use only as a guide to tell you what to expect:
a- your international plane lands at NAIA- terminal 2
b- proceed to Immigrations line. Make sure all your immigration papers are ready to avoid delay,
c- proceed to luggage pick up. All luggages need to be picked up at this terminal. It will not be automatically loaded up for your connecting flight. Your Flight crew will tell you this, or there is a PA system at the terminal that reminds you.
d- from your international flight, you will take a yellow cab to the Domestic air port. Not to worry- as soon as you come out of the terminal door there is a line of cabs.

Tell the attendants the name of your domestic carrier. It is “Cebu Pacific” going to “Occidental Mindoro”. Attendants speak English very well and are used to dealing with, communicating with, foreigners especially English-speaking visitors. They in turn will tell your cab driver where to take you– for example; “Cebu Pacific”. These cab drivers and their vehicles are registered with the Airport Management. They are trusted service providers. They even tell you how many minutes approximate to your destination.

e- when you get to the Domestic Carrier’s gate you will go through Security. From there it’s just a matter of waiting for takeoff.
f- for a minimal fee payable when you check in, we will be outside the gate to pick you up. We will be holding a sign with your name on it, and our Staff will have name badges bearing The Palms Mindoro name. The airport is a small one. There is only one gate out for Arrivals so it’s not confusing at all.
g- about 45 minutes drive from the airport and we arrive at the Resort.

Tips or tipping is strictly a personal choice. The money exchange rate as of JULY 2019 is $1 = P51.00. One or two dollar’s worth of pesos will be very appreciated. But of course you decide.

2) By Land- Private or Public Transport:
If you are the adventurous kind- start your adventure in the Philippines by navigating the crazy traffic mix of pedestrians, jeepneys, bikes, buses, vendors and tricycles all on the same road!

Watch this video and see how adventurous you are…

It is sound decision to stay a night in Manila before going on with your road trip. The approximate travel time is 10-12 hours.

Here’s an idea of how it’s going to be like for you, brave soul:
**NOTE before you get going: pack some quick snacks. Altho there will be some kind of food at the ferry lounge, or the bus may stop somewhere, I do not recommend buying any foodstuff. Buy your bottled waters, those are ok but never foodstuff.

1- from your hotel, take a cab to the bus station for the “Dimples Bus Line” in “Cubao City”, heading to “Abra de Ilog” in “Occidental Mindoro”. If by bus, I recommend this line because it is air conditioned and FAST!
2- when you get to the bus terminal buy your ticket right away and get in the bus as soon as they allow you to. Make a note of your bus number. These buses all look the same, with the same paint colors, stop at the same pit stops for example. Seats are numbered.
It should cost around P900.00 (pesos), more or less.
3- from the bus terminal it will be approximately 3 hours to get to “Batangas Pier”.
4- at the Batangas Pier- you will wait for a ferry to “Abra de Ilog Pier”. You will disembark your bus and go on up to the ferry passenger lounge. Your ferry fare is already INCLUDED in your bus fare. Make sure to take your most important articles with you: your purse with your money and passports, cell phones, or any electronics. The rest of your luggage will stay aboard the bus and is safe.

A side note: your bus fare also include “passenger pass-thru insurance”. The Philippine government requires ferry operators to carry this indemnity.

5- at Abra de Ilog pier get back in the same bus- check the number.
6- it’s helpful if you write down on a piece of paper your final destination: “The Palms Resort Mindoro” at “Concepcion.” At the 5- 6 hour mark of the journey ask the conductor how far you are to your destination. The crew speaks English well. This will remind him of your stop. Your bus driver and conductor know where to drop you off.

There is a sign that says “The PALMS Resort Mindoro” on the side of the road.

7- it depends on what time you boarded the bus from Manila you might get to the Resort at night. We will be at the stop to pick you up.


We will be at the stop to pick you up for the short 3-4 minute ride to the Resort compound. We know the bus schedule. When your bus stops, we KNOW it’s you!

So– you’ll do this? 😉

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