To-Do Activities

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What Activities are there To Do at The Palms Resort Mindoro and Macopa Reefs?


See Part 2 here; Land Adventures

1. Fishing for your Dinner how good of a fisherman are you? Rental outrigger boats can take you together with a guide. Hopefully you will not come home empty-handed 🙂

2. Sports Fishing – with seasonal runs of yellow fin tunas, barracudas, marlin or sword fishes, how good are you against local fisherfolk?
How about a fishing derby?

3. Diving Apo Reef Dive Park – the Palms Resort Mindoro is ideal as your diver’s base. Our proximity to Apo Reef itself, only 31 miles away or 4 hours on an outrigger. From Manila your flight will take 40 minutes to San Jose Airport Mindoro. From the Airport it’s 45 minutes by car and you have arrived at our Resort. For a minimal fee per person we will pick you up at the airport. The map in this link shows the Reef in relation to the Resort. For more info on how your travel might look like, check our sample itinerary here. Some pictures are available here: Apo Reef Dive Park

4. Macopa Reefs diving or snorkeling– we’ve truly become a self-contained all-around Vacation Resort with this property. If you don’t want to exert the effort to go to Apo Reef Dive Park, we offer you in-house diving at our other property- the Macopa Reef.

*If you want to dive you suit up, walk / paddle/ snorkel to the edge of the coral cliff about 30 yards out then you jump in. *We will set up lounge table and chairs right on the beach for you UNDER A TREE. *You take a break, have margarita lunch, commandeer a hammock strung up right on those trees which line our Resort and take a siesta. *When you wake you suit up and go again. Or not! *Bottom line is- no need to go anywhere else. No 3 hour boat rides to Apo Reef unless you want to.

Local dive sites can be found around the Macopa Reefs / The Palms rim.

5. “Bato Tabaw”– which by local dialect mean'”Rock on the Water’ more or less 😉 From Concepcion Bay you’ll see the rock island jutting out of the water. I had it on good authority (some guests) that it makes for one good VERTICAL ROCK CLIMB. If you fall- well then you’re going swimming, won’t you?
6. “LULI”– few hundred meters from the beach is a coral bed that shows itself during very low tides. This coral island is actually a big area, a few acres with the rest of it staying under water. As shown indicated by dark blue waters it has deep ravines to the sides of it.

It’s worth mentioning again that our Resort is located at a very thinly populated middle of the Mindoro Island. It is true meaning when we say, “in the middle of nowhere!” You would not have to battle for a small space on a beach to tan or swim.

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7. Island-hopping– some 45 minutes by boat from the Resort is Pandan Island to the North, in a town called Sablayan. This island is also good for snorkelling and just whiling away.

8. Cruising the Bay– easily one of my favourite to-do’s.  Get in the boat out unto Concepcion Bay. Maybe somewhere in that vastness you’ll meet up with the pod of dolphins who call this Bay home.

9. WW11 Japanese Wrecks and wreck-diving– interesting underwater expedition. On the outside of this bay is Mindoro Strait then unto Coron Bay in Palawan. Coron Bay houses several sunken Japanese warships. If you are into wreck diving this is one site you shouldn’t miss.

Farther down south is the city of San Jose with more shipwrecks.
Mindoro Island was an airbase during the war. The deep waters of Mindoro Strait was one of the main water routes out into South China Sea to Viet Nam, Japan and most of Southeast Asia. This South-ward direction offers more small islands to explore, with fantastic crystal-clear blue lagoons. I myself want to check it out- salt water pools surrounded by trees and shrubs sound like a haven for colorful water life!

On the side: In researching the itinerary from Manila to San Jose Airport, I found out about the role and history of the airport in relation to the war and came by this link and site; I am very, very interested in WW11 History and will explore this site further. I encourage you to do the same.

10. Kayaking the Sea to the River or vice-versa – will test your mettle against a torrent of water from a flooded river cascading out into the sea.

There is this river about a third of a mile away from resort. During the monsoon season which is in June until September, torrential downpours swell and flood the river. At this stage it is worthy enough adversary to even an Olympic-grade kayaker. This river forces a gash in the sand via some outcropping of rocks then pours its turbulence unto the sea. The whitewater it causes as it spreads out to meet the waves is so picturesque I am out of words to describe it… one of those beauties of nature that you just cannot describe but look in wonder and awe. I am remiss in taking more pictures, I know! The skinny rocky outlet where the river run into the sea is approximately 5 meters wide. Depending on water volume it can go wider but not by much. Choose your navigational approach; do you attack it from the ocean against its current and see what you’re made of, or from the river’s side and ride the rapids like a driftwood through a chute a la Evel Knievel? Mind the rocks either way! And oh– good idea to wear a helmet!

11. How about this; get on an outrigger boat at dusk, float the calm waters, watch the exquisite sunset colors and relax before dinner? The gentle rocking motion might put you to sleep. It’s ok, you may have dinner at 9pm! I swear this is an excellent “to-do!”

12. Floating Picnic Huts– a floating dock / dive platform / fishing stand all for your use as our Guest. Have at it!

..doubles as Fish Sanctuary and Diving platform for gathering Mother Of Pearl shells
..doubles as Fish Sanctuary and Diving platform for gathering Mother Of Pearl shells

See Part 2 here- LAND ADVENTURES

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