Main House Home Sweet Resort Away From HomeUSA

If I ever sell this property I will miss it tremendously. All manners of building are made to my specifications, designed for ease of livability in a Resort setting. 

Description Applies to Both Main House & Guest House:

  • All measurements on doors and windows are double-wide as opposed to standard. This for ease of movement of furnishings & appliances.
  • All windows and door materials are anti-salt air corrosion aluminum & glass imported from Australia.
  • All glass windows and doors are made with double glass layered sturdy non-shatter materials.
  • All window leaves can be taken down for cleaning if desired. They install back in place easily. Fully security locked.
  • A quirky feature of the Main House- a Hamburger Window.. read on 😉 

Yes, I’m considering selling this property for the right price. I want to build maybe on the second property.

Or maybe buy another piece then develop that. Have not decided yet..

For your retirement this resort property is ready for fun. It is excellent for entertaining friends. Or turn this property into a revenue-generating venture, a business to earn money for your support.

Topography of Palms Occi Mindoro
Property is 2 1/2 hectares or 5 1/2 acres. Flat surface filled with coconuts, mangos, star apple, cashews & more.


  • Main House with detached dirty kitchen
  • Luxury 3-bedroom Guest House
  • Electricity with own transformer
  • Deep Water Well with electric pump and pressurized water tank
  • Bridge
  • Staff Housing
  • Public Rest Area Day Use with shower complete with disabled bathroom accommodation for beach clients
  • Tiled Courtyard

The Main House

  • Roofing is asphalt shingles imported from USA
  • High V-style ceiling for max air circulation
  • Floor space is 40 ft x 36 ft divided between bedroom and the living room/ kitchen.
  • Floorings are all tiles on Main House and Guest House
  • Air conditioners each to bedroom & living room- save electricity
  • Huge bathrooms beautifully tiled
  • Lightings are chandelier type suspended from ceiling. It gives a more open space. Four place settings.
  • Service Window from the kitchen I call my Hamburger Window. Perfect for serving drinks or food to your guests lounging at the Porch.
  • All windows are screened against insects, but the screen on my Hamburger Window rolls up and down.
  • Stacker Door- called such as it folds to close like an accordion when you open the door. It stacks both left and right. This glass door can be taken down for cleaning if necessary. Stalls back in place easily.
  • Courtyard- tiled, spacious enough for a summer party aside from the fact that there is the beach
  • Detached dirty kitchen- do all your messy cooking outside. I love this feature Seawall bracing

I’m thankful to God He gave me this property and was able to build my retreat.
I love & enjoy it.

Guest House information here- Western Style Luxury Accommodations