What to do? Guided Fishing off The Palms beach coast! Reply

What to do at The Palms Beach Resort?
Up for boat-chases and tug-o’-war games? How’s your nerves for a Blue Marlin chase? Or Yellow Fin Tuna for that matter? Well…

Catch of the day, 4/23/2012 is a Yellow Fin Tuna.  It was 21 kilos, which translate to 46.2 lbs. It gave a 4-hour fight according to the fisherman. This baby we feasted on for 4 days. There were about 17 of us the first day btw.

At left is a Blue Marlin. We watched it get ensnared by the fisherman’s line. What a sight when this fish gave its all to get away by swimming so fast that when the line ran out this fish actually got airborne! It was a sight watching it drag the tiny motor less boat. The white water splash created every time it fell back in the water was awesome. I wish I had it on video but in all the excitement I forgot I had one.

We later caught up with the fisherman and offered to buy his catch. Surprise, he offered a different fish instead. According to him the fish he’s selling us was more tasteful than Blue Marlin, a fish locals call “tanigue” shown below. I agreed!