Airlines & Luggage Info Reply



These figures were accurate as of July 2014. It should help approximate expenses for the most part of your visit with us.

Airlines have “in season” and “off season” schedules that affect their air fares. June and December seem to be the highest fares for the Philippines due to classes being out in the USA. It’s vacation time. December is Christmas of course.

“Non-stop” service affect air fares. One such airline is Philippine Airlines which seem to be a little bit more expensive than most. Non-stop flight means ease for a lot of travelers and it’s worth paying the few extra dollars.

An FYI here: Philippine Airline is almost always packed. It is the chosen airline for a lot of Filipino returnees- the old and infirm, young families with kids, along with the regular tourists. The seating also leaves a little to be desired for just a few more inches of leg room.

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