Let’s go Sailing, the Weather is NAVIGABLE! We Rent Sailboat Reply

Once in a while in the South China Sea there comes stiff breezes that create 5-foot waves. I wish this phenomenon would linger on for weeks. It normally does not. This is other than, and different from the seasonal monsoon.

On one of those odd climes, somebody tried to sail. I wish I had a video of it.

In the following pics, I had edited the original ‘brightness’ by one or two degrees so these shots are showing brighter. And still noticeable in the skies above– dark clouds!
I love weather like this, especially in the tropics. Winds become cooler from the mountains giving relief from constant heat. Driving rain pelts down on your skin you wonder where’s the bruises after staying under it, drenching you in minutes.

It is a challenge to the well-trained. The wind can shift rapidly, and in the end will direct you towards the shore. And in some unfortunate cases, rocks!

You up for it?? 😉