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Relocating to the Philippines- Retirees or Workers Tips to Consider

Do you have what it takes to transplant yourself to a foreign culture that may be 180' different than your own? Would you like a higher quality of life with less buck?
How about HAVE MORE but just different? Be ready because that is what you're going to have here in the Philippines.
Leverage your Euro or USDollar in a $1.00 as to P43.00 currency exchange and live it up.
Medical needs cheaper and in some areas, better. The Philippines is not as backwards as you might think.
One thing you will notice right away is how young the labor force is. This country is being run by “young people.”
Experience the varied cultures brought here courtesy of those “perky immigrants”- Korean, Chinese, Japanese, USA, German, etc. The mixture turns this country into a dynamic oriental exotique! It is one great party place.
Bring your open mind, that "get up and adventure” attitude in your bones, and never look back!

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MinPalms 🌹 Thousand Autumns

For now this site shares both my Min Palms Resort & my Fashions Projects, inspired by; cuz I AM CRAZY ABOUT THE THOUSAND AUTUMNS anime costumes & accessories & will be my leap-stone [leap- reminds me of A-Qiao- Shen Qiao in the novel falling, being found by the purple-robe wearing Lord Yan Wushi of Cleansing Moon Sect], to going back to designing and sewing for fun. The Resort continues to be closed as I am still in California, not able to return to the beach. In my mind plans are still on for new add-on construction on the main property where my home is. Maybe new development on the Macopa Reef site, I'll see. In the mean time- over the kids' objections- 🔥 BOTH PROPERTIES ARE FOR SALE 🇺🇸🌹 待售海滩物业 🌹 販売のためのビーチのプロパティ 🌹 판매를위한 해변 재산 🌹 plážová nemovitost na prodej 🌹 strandfastigheter till salu 🌹 proprietà sulla spiaggia in vendita 🌹 Strandimmobilie zu verkaufen 🌹 propriété de plage à vendre 🌹 Merci! Salamat!


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