Mindoro Palms Beach Resort Projects- follow my progress as this could be a source of amusement for you..! Reply

Having no building or construction experience at all, and being “happily” saddled with the full existence of the Resort, it is a mind-boggling responsibility! The list of to-do’s, the budget, the time constraint to Grand Opening…

Assembling personnel… let me not even think about this for now!

The building itself:
1.) road and bridge- “I” have to put one in, but before that can happen some 11 coconut trees need to be removed and uprooted! Since there hardly are any heavy construction that goes on in this patch of Earth, I have nowhere to procure heavy equipment, but I can sweet-talk the provincial engineer who maintains the roads, to see if he would lend me a backhoe and a road compactor! That’s almost funny if you know how things function there…

2.) cottages- 1 2-story double occupancy, 1 single occupancy, 1 2-story executive suite double occupancy. Construction need to start right away, almost all contents of each, from curtains to beds and beddings to bathroom rugs need to be sent from the US.

3.) shop and staff housing- 1/3 done, still a long ways to go

4.) clubhouse/ restaurant, with walk-in refrigerator and freezer- 8′ tall x 8’8″ width x 10′ 8″ deep- this is a biggie! Dishes, silverwares, all china; all breakables are to be shipped from here, I’m counting on this freight forwarder to get all breakables delivered in tact! Oy!

5.) main house porch- this was supposed to be an elevated porch, supported only two posts! As you can see, the workes made a mistake.. yeeaahhh… tear it down or leave it and improve on it? 64M question!

…and let me not stop there-
6.) a floating dock/ platform- for diving or snorkeling or dining, complete with dressing room and bathroom… what “floaties” to use?

7.) put in a pressurized water tank- this is half-way done; we had the well dug and is now producing water

8.) The electricity had been wired in from the main road but cables need to be buried..

9.) One of the biggest problems- finding suppliers of steaks and other meats. Australia seem to be a good place, but for 22.00 @ pound for yearling beef, it’s going to cost big..

10.) interior decoration- anybody? I’ll offer meals and free stay!

Stay tuned as I bungle around in the dark, towards our Grand Opening target date: June 30, 2012… no pressure at all!