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The Dolphin Room- Aptly Named for Dolphin Sighting, High Class Back Pack Divers 3

The Dolphin Room rate check here

What’s back pack divers and dolphins have in common?

Plenty really.

The Dolphin Room is our modest priced accommodation available now. If you’re on a “back pack diver” budget but want all the comforts of a Western- style hotel room, this one’s for you.
This room is a bit smaller at 13 feet by 14 feet as compared to our Coach Room, but it has a large closet in it for all your diver luggages.

For a single person you will not want for material comforts in this room. It has all the amenities you want like hot water in a large shower room, Queen size imported mattress with ultra luxe cotton beddings. 

Who says ‘thrift’ and ‘bargain’ is synonymous with ‘poor?’ Definitely you are not. Feel like a King and sleep well- wake up around 5:00 am, open your drapery and look out the ocean.

Do you see “it?” Yeah- there are dolphin pods that come along this bay and get THIS up- close!

The Dolphin Room. You are richly deserving of all those extra pamperings we offer at the Resort, and your plushy accommodation at The Dolphin Room is not a King’s ransom but a bonus.

Hey, what else could you want? Please do tell us, we will get to it!

Wild Life on the Beach- Turtle Visits Its Birthplace! Reply


Its been said that turtles visit the VERY beach where they were first laid as eggs by the mother. For some reason these creatures have the natural GPS encoded in their genes so they are able to hone in on that particular body of water and make that journey to lay their eggs there.

The natural processes at play here is much in the same way as another species, the Salmon. Everyone I think is familiar with the life cycle of a Salmon. When Salmon gets to maturity to spawn they go back to that source of water where they themselves were hatched. Sadly for the adult fishes, they die after assuring the continuous survival of their species.

Thank goodness, turtles don’t die after they’ve laid that first batch!

This particular visitor came around April 20. Due to its size we believe it might be in the same batch of hatchlings as the one caught and tagged a year ago. I hope s/he comes back when  I’m there so we can tag it too. It would be nice to find out how many times an individual turtle shows up at the beach.

If this one is a female and had laid eggs the nest won’t be very far from  our doorsteps.

How neat is that? 😉

What to do? Guided Fishing off The Palms beach coast! Reply

What to do at The Palms Beach Resort?
Up for boat-chases and tug-o’-war games? How’s your nerves for a Blue Marlin chase? Or Yellow Fin Tuna for that matter? Well…

Catch of the day, 4/23/2012 is a Yellow Fin Tuna.  It was 21 kilos, which translate to 46.2 lbs. It gave a 4-hour fight according to the fisherman. This baby we feasted on for 4 days. There were about 17 of us the first day btw.

At left is a Blue Marlin. We watched it get ensnared by the fisherman’s line. What a sight when this fish gave its all to get away by swimming so fast that when the line ran out this fish actually got airborne! It was a sight watching it drag the tiny motor less boat. The white water splash created every time it fell back in the water was awesome. I wish I had it on video but in all the excitement I forgot I had one.

We later caught up with the fisherman and offered to buy his catch. Surprise, he offered a different fish instead. According to him the fish he’s selling us was more tasteful than Blue Marlin, a fish locals call “tanigue” shown below. I agreed!