Looking For a Few WW2 Heroes.. 3

The day for leaving draws near– by the end of October we will be leaving the US for the Philippines. For some reason I am sad about this… We will be gone for 1 year. Except for a month or so in May 2012 where I will be back Stateside to see my Son off to his deployment to Afghanistan, I will be gone for the year. We will not abrogate our responsibilities to our country– we will be back to VOTE!

This post is not starting right– I don’t know why but I’ll go on with it..

Most of YOU my Friends on Facebook know we are building a resort in the Island of Mindoro. There is an airport- the San Jose Airport, as it is now known, that serves commuters to the island from Manila and different points in the Philippines. What you may not know, and I did not know this either until my research and accidental click of a link, above, that San Jose Airport used to be “McGuire Airfield” used by the Army during World War 2. The name “McGuire” was in honor of ace fighter pilot of a P38L Lightning, Thomas McGuire. He was, according to Pacific Wrecks, KIA/MIA on January 7, 1945.

In a brief correspondence with the site Pacific Wrecks, I had been asked to provide updates or pictures of the airport as it is now, or any other pictures I may have of the island. I surmised from that, that some people are interested in how the Island look like now. It gave me an idea…

As a “THANK YOU”, I want to take this opportunity to offer the Veterans of the Units mentioned in the link- it’s a long list, to come back to the Island and check it out for themselves. Pictures I can submit no problem there, but I’d rather they take their own pictures, at a time when there is peace, when they might perchance enjoy the beauty, as compared to a time of danger of war. That serene environment which urged hubby and myself to decide to live there is owed to the sacrifices of the men and women of our US Military and their Philippine counterpart.

I am looking for the Military Veterans of WW11 who belong to the units in the link above. Please look it over and if you know of anyone who might have belonged to these units, or their families, please give them a link to this page. I would like to invite them to revisit the Philippines one more time, and to please allow me to express a sincere THANK YOU for your service. I have many other reasons, one of the most importance is the fact that I am an American today.

As an expression of that thanks, I would like to offer a free stay at our Resort for 1 week for two people, in which one or both belong to these Military Units, or the families of those Soldiers who were at one point or other, were stationed in Mindoro Island. I must apologize that at this time I am only able to offer the free stay and not the air fare itself. I wish I can.

As for dinners- well.. do you like Adobo? Do you like Lumpia? I make a MEAN ONE! You ain’t tasted it until you tasted mine no bs! 😉 Do you like Pancit? I can arrange all that. As my guest- you only need enjoy. At our Grand Opening “tentatively” set for June 30 – July 7th 2012, we will celebrate the Fourth of July Independence Day with fireworks and roast pig, commonly known in PI as “lechon” or “litson”. We can do it Hawaiian-style if that’s what you prefer. Be there!

A heartfelt invitation to join us- is extended to ALL Members of the Military, Active and Reserve. I would like nothing more than to party with you on Independence Day! My Navy Corpsman Son will not be there, so you come on his stead. That will bring a smile on his face!