Health Care and Tropical Retirement- Now’s the time to think seriously about it Reply

Retirement, Healthcare and Our Freedoms- and why not the Tropical Resort Style that You Oh-so deserved! You worked hard. Time to enjoy.

“…unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Retirement and Healthcare in the Philippines- click this link for continual updates and information.

One of the most important issues we think about and give great consideration to when planning our retirement is “affordable health care.” We would love for you to explore the possibilities of retirement with Us, Macopa Palms Beach Resorts, Philippines.

Our aim is to have you look at us in a different more meaningful way, an alternative to “dull old age” retirement. We are your Resorts style of Retirement Living not “just a place to go for a few days vacation”. The ease with which populations move globally now and the instance with which information is delivered at your fingertips, retiring in the Philippines is more than ever- possible and financially highly beneficial.

I will share a bit of personal background here because of its relevance: Jim had retired from 32 years of corporate life. One of his many duties aside from ‘managing’ Projects engineers was to deal with government compliance. To say this job was stressful was an understatement. He came home quiet, “didn’t want to talk,” sat on his recliner and turned on the tv. On weekends we didn’t go out because he was “tired”. He was “so tired” he feared he’d just fall off his office chair in a massive heart attack he told me. Our relationship was strained, that was a normal outcome of the “tired”. His early retirement was more of a “defensive move” for us in the name of his health. His lenght of service with the company qualified him to retire a year before but his age was 3.5 years short of the required 59.5 at which we could dig into his retirement without penalty. Can we afford to financially? Can his well-being afford to wait? I suppose that was what you call “between a rock and a hard place.”

“RETIRE NOW” was his answer. He had enough. He didn’t even finish the fourth quarter of 2011 and retired in October. This decision was made easy with my ownership of a property in the island of Mindoro, not to be confused with “Mindanao” the troublesome southern most tip of the country. We are on the Northern part. More on this later on..

He had trepidations about the move at first. This move was to a part of the world he knew NOTHING about. Once he agreed to do that, here came my second proposal- let’s build this retirement place into a resort! Hah! No pressure at all! This is a long story here and I won’t bore you.. 😉

You’ve come a long way baby! Indeed, read an email from a happy camper retiree..

Permanent Residency, Long-Term vacation with us at the Resorts have many benefits for you:

    • A choice of 3 locations- we have three properties. The expance will guarantee your privacy needs, yet not feel or be alone unless you want to. Our topographically varied landscapes give our Guests variety in experience and activities. Our restaurant will serve American as well as Italian and Filipino fares. Mundane tasks like laundry, let us worry about that. Our future plans include a grocery/ clothing store, a kids’ playground/ reading room and small medical clinic. The Clinic is for my son Nick, a Navy Hospitalman, to have something to fidget about when he vacations. Hey c’mon now– he needs something to do, right? 😉 He has the promise of help from his Medic buddies. How nice is that!
    • Yours truly at Your service- we live in the Resort and I am at your beck and call to make sure you’re never wanting for anything. Try me!
    • Premiere healthcare that is more than affordable- Manila has some of the more advanced, modern medical care hospitals in Asia for a fraction of the cost. One I recommend is the St. Luke’s Medical Center. I’ve been admitted at its ER twice and I like it better compared to my ER experiences here in California. I was there at the same time as when Gloria Macapagal, ex-president was there. I feared a heart attack in my case! Click the link for a look-see on just how affordable an ER visit is. If you wonder why that is- Philippines is still classified as a ‘developing’ country. With that designation comes cheaper overall standard of living that have beckoned more and more Westerners to permanent residency. Back at the island at the provincial capital is a fee-free hospital. Drop a donation in the box and you’re good to go.
    • High standard of living for foreign money- US Dollar, the Pound Sterling, and the Euro are some of the foreign money that come into our little town courtesy of the ex-pats and foreigners who have found lives in this corner of the world. They count for a lot and buy a lot here. This dovetails the point above; lower standard of living by the citizens mean a higher standard for the above-mentioned foreigners. The locals are just happy and somehow- to Jim’s surprise- FEEL LUCKY that we, the foreigners chose their community to come into! They are very friendly albeit they stare because they’ve not seen anything like you! But I got used to it.
    • Healthy way of life- island life is healthier for obvious reasons. The whole island of Mindoro is blessed with fertile arable land. Rice fields, coconut groves, fruit trees, bamboos and hardwood trees fill its mountains. It make for a very soothing green environment with hardly any pollution at all. Mindoro Palms and Macopa Reefs are ideally situated to benefit from this arable green land. I am an ORGANICS consumer whenever possible. Work is underway today towards self-sufficiency and control of what we consume. We will harvest our own rice, veges, and make our very own bacon. Yeah! The sea yields the freshest of catch You get to enjoy.
    • Guided recreational activities- scuba diving, fishing, we will take you to the local hotspots. Help yourself to catching your own dinner if you want! Hiking trails galore. Brave an overnight trek to Mount Iglit Wildlife Refuge or stay in-resort and hike the hilly terrain of Macopa Reefs, all up to you. Swim as a form of exercise and snorkel at the same time. What could be better? Or sail, kayak, dolphin sight-see, sea-doo; you can be as active as your energy dictates 😉

Mother Nature provides endless entertainment. Enjoy reds and oranges and blues sunsets. Star gaze, we are at the Equator. You’ve never seen the Milky Way if you’ve never seen it from this vantage point. Dance on the sand in the moonlight. Admire a tree full of fireflies. Then let the sound of waves lull you to sleep. How richly deserved!

The City: Forays into Manila or at least Batangas City are a must for grocery runs like milk and oj. You can ride shotgun, I drive, ha ha! The drive to the Pier at Abra de Ilog is an experience! Or we can hop on a commuter plane and be in Manila within 30 minutes. Fresh milk, orange juice, cheeses, steaks and pizzas are not available in the island the way we Westerners would like it so we trek. And that’s ok. I welcome all of these actually. To me it’s great back-to-basics life; so simple yet so enjoyable.

Click here for an email from a retiree totally having a blast right now!

As for me, I am an American Adventurer Entrepreneur pursuing my Freedoms to do so. I was born in the Philippines and this is homecoming. Let’s go on this adventure together… after all, a wise man once said:
“We are the Captains of our own destiny.” How right!