Surfing Equator: Monsoon Season is ON! Reply

It is June-July in the Tropics and the predictable yearly weather pattern called “monsoon” has arrived at the Equator. This is probably my most favorite type of weather “disturbance!” I love typhoons. I grew up in it. I love pelting rain that blistered your skin when it hit, driven by gusts of wind up to 120 kilometers per hour. Don’t worry- that’s approximately only 70 miles per hour!

These pictures were taken at different days within a week. The beauty of being in the Tropics is that the weather flips on a dime and you better be ready.. It’s wonderful!

Jim shot these pictures off of our Porch. He wondered where this fisherman got his colorful sail to add an idyllic peaceful scenery out there.

Then the following morning, boom! Waves crashed way up on the shore line. This one nearly took the boat out with it. If those boats weren’t tethered they’d be gone by the morning.

Although for surfers these waves are nothing, once in a while it goes up about 5 feet to where one can get a good ride on a short board.

The boards are here in California. I am strapping the guitar on my back, not a board, when I fly out of here to the Resort come July. The boards will have to wait one more season… darn!