What’s Your Dream- Perfect Drink? Reply



Try our very own Min Palms Club Restaurant Specialties!

1.Mango Rita- Cuervo Tiquela, blended, infused w/ fresh mangos + a dash of lime

2.Piña Colada Gran de Coco- big drink! Piña Colada w/ all trimmings + Sweet Green Coco Milk & Gelatinous Meat Shreds- YUMMM!

3.Eur- Asian Pinay Tan (play on B. Russian-) Vodka + Bailey’s Irish Cream + Sweet Green Coco Milk- ahhh, make sure it’s the week-end!

Our Very Own Club Refresher as you check in!
4.Sweet Young & Deadly- Stoli Vodka + Red Devil Gin + Blue Curacao served in whole Green Coco in own water, w/ Shredded Green Coco Meat, iced- we’ll make sure you make it to your Cottage!

5. MOJO!- crazy mix that produces ‘crazies!’ Careful! – Beer + Rum + Gin + Red Triple Sec + 7- Up + Pine Apple Juice over ice= Served by the Pitcher

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