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pt.1 Retirement and Health Care: Comparative Emergency Room bill USA v. Philippines

Healthcare comparison- USA to Philippines. USA has excellent healthcare if only it stays that way AND is affordable. No more. The Philippines is emerging out of its shell in technology and medicine. Good thing as the Philippines becomes a haven for American and European tourists who then fall in love with the environment and decide to stay. One of the most important decisions these foreigners have to factor in is quality healthcare that’s affordable. In my personal experiences, Philippine medical is not bad at all.
Saint Luke Hospital is one I like very much. It is much cleaner than the one I had in California- I’m sorry to say that. Attention is immediate, at times in California you had to wait. Take notice of the amount for lab work: minimal USA= $445.00 + monthly. Comprehensive tests and lab work Philippines= $159.00 no monthly premium, no deductibles.
For exactly the same health problem in these two bills there just is no reason to pay so much!

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