Perpetual Perfect Day Makes for an Endless Summer @The Palms Mindoro, Philippines Reply

Meet some of the Staff:

🌹I call her Miche. She is 22. Single. So shy, so tentative but opens up to a colourful butterfly..
She is newly graduated in Education with a Masters in Secondary Mathematics.
She’ll take care of Accounting and Legal.
She can also be a Tour Guide.
She speaks perfect English. At present she’s preparing for her Board exam.
Her passion is reading and writing. She wrote for her college’s newspaper.
She would love to travel one day.

💄She calls herself Shann. She’s 23 and single. Her demure demeanour belies the tiger inside..
She will graduate her Business Management in October.
She will be my Business Manager.
Like a young person she’s crazy about FB and IGram so she’ll be my Marketing Officer.
She speaks English beautifully.
She takes on adventurous challenges quiet easily.
She would also love to travel and see the world.

Little nooks and crannies of spot on this God’s green earth
All one had to do is have an eye for appreciation
A little coaxing, a little coaching out come mirth
From the lips as maiden sheds her cocoon
Some of God’s dangerously beautiful creation!

Hey, I’m not a poet ok? 😘

Come and have a lovely time!
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