Scuba Dive Apo Reef Phil. & Vicinity 1

For divers, I have acquired a second property with its own contiguous reef excellent for diving, Macopa Reefs. I love this new gorgeous mountainous green seaside property, however it is For Sale

The Palms Resort Mindoro is open for business:

Room Rates
See our Food Offerings here

To all scuba divers out there, WELCOME to The Palms Resort Mindoro!
We are your NEW accommodation, nearest stepping stone to
Apo Reef Dive Park Philippines

We are your nearest lodging and restaurant accommodation when diving Apo Reef Natural Park Philippines. Make us your base camp. The Palms Mindoro puts you and your group that much closer in less time to one of the most exotic, breathtaking underwater dive parks in the world. This perhaps topped only by the Great Barrier Reef of Australia itself. Apo Reef Dive Park Philippines consistently rank in the top three diving destinations worldwide. For you divers, no more 100 mile 2-day journeys from Puerto Galera. No more exhaustion before you reach the dive site. Some divers en-route to Palawan miss this dive because of it’s inconvenient out-of-the-way location.

Fly into San Jose Airport, the Provincial Airport of Mindoro Occidental. From Manila it is fairly inexpensive. It cost between P900.00 to P1400.00 Philippine pesos, the equivalent of $23.00 to $33.00 US Dollars. That is also about how much it would cost you to ride the bus. That’s nothing, not to mention the time saved and the jiggle in a bus going through rough road winding around over, up and down and stretch on forever!

Apo Reef Dive Park is 31 miles North-west of The Palms by boat as seen on the map. For a complete itinerary sample see here- how to get to us. It’s pretty easy really; from Manila International Airport (NAIA) you fly into San Jose Airport (SJA) in Mindoro Occidental. The flight takes 40 minutes from take off to landing. From SJ Airport we pick you up for another 45-minute drive to our Resort. Rest and relax when you get in. We serve Imported Spirits and Western style food.

As noted before, the Apo Reef Dive Park is a National Park in the Philippine system of Parks, and also a World Heritage Natural Park. We will secure your dive permits when you get to the Resort and had finalized your dive plans.

The hubby is himself a diver. He intends to fully enjoy his time here and hands-off anything Resort business. After working for a company for three decades plus, I don’t blame him. Me the wife is tasked with building this whole shebang and running it, how about that?

On the side for a minute… lookie here!

Some very wonderful unexpected visitors! Turn down the volume as the boat engine is loud. Also the language is in Filipino. The best parts are toward the end of the vid.. this was about a mile off the beach. We were fine-tuning the new outrigger motor and had a tour of the shoreline. Good thing!

There are numerous dive sites in and around The Palms Mindoro.

As we mentioned, our new property Macopa Reef is a full-on dive site!

Out to sea about a mile is the “now-you-see-it-now-you-dont” coral island locals call “LULI”. At low tide you can picnic and B-B-Q on it, at high tide its 5-6 meters underwater.

There is also a Rock outcropping right beside this coral island which locals call “Bato Tabaw”. Endless wonders! I’ve been told its excellent rock climbing too.

There is a sunken ferry just the next property to the North about 500 meters out.

The Palawan Island is 4 hours across the bay. Excellent dive spot this island is!
Coron Lagoon littered with World War Two era Japanese battleships beacon. We have not seen these wrecks ourselves and look forward to checking it out personally to give you a complete picture.

Information for Domestic Flight Luggage Fees:

As of today May 10, 2014 there is only one Air Carrier serving the Manila-Mindoro route and that is Cebu Pacific.

1 “checked-in”  FREE luggage allowance of 15kg (33 lbs approx.), and
1 “carry-on” FREE luggage allowance of 7kg (15 lbs approx.).

Small purses on women and small backpacks on men go though without question. Cebu Pacific charges extra for “checked-in” luggage over their Free Baggage Allowance weight and size policies.

1. Cebu Pacific Air- Excess Baggage Rate- Domestic to Domestic; this is your rate travelling from an international origination point, then flying from Manila (NAIA- Ninoy Aquino International Airport) to San Jose Airport.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.
Contacts Page.


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