Retirement & Healthcare Reply

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High standard of living
Relocating- helpful tips
What’s there to do?
Philippines here. USA bill here- compare 2 identical medical bills

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

So why not the Tropical Resort Life Style that You Oh-so deserve!
You worked hard. Time to enjoy.

One of the most important issues we think about and give great consideration to when planning our retirement is “affordable health care.” We would love for you to explore the possibilities of retirement with Us, The Palms Resort Mindoro, Philippines.

Our aim is to have you look at us in a different more meaningful way, an alternative to “dull old age” retirement. We are your Resorts style of Retirement Living not “just a place to go for a few days vacation”. The ease with which populations move globally now and the instance with which information is delivered at your fingertips, retiring in the Philippines is more than ever- possible and financially highly beneficial to you.

The AFFORDABLE CARE ACT or ACA, or more known as “Obamacare” unfortunately is all but affordable!
Time to think in terms like “MEDICAL TOURISM” for those who have grave medical problems where solutions in the USA is just out of reach. Do your math. You will see even with an airfare you’d come out ahead. There is no shortage of good Docs. The hospitals themselves are like Medical Hotels where you stay in a private room to recuperate however long you think you need.

Personally, I like this system better, where you save up let’s say, for a surgery, find out ahead of time how much the full expense would be, pay it, get it done.



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