Business Opportunities 2

There is great opportunity  to be had in Mindoro Island for the resourceful individual or company.  

Pieces of the puzzle of a business environment ready to open up and bloom is being put into place and I like what the emerging scenario is.

In 2015 the ASEAN nations will integrate into 1 unit economically. No more import quotas and barriers between member nations.

It is the year some positive changes will occur in the ever present problem of electricity blackouts.

National leaders are liberally attuned to the problem of corruption. The new President wants a Tourism and Business environment that is free of corrupting influences on the side of the domestic government. The effects of his strong government is felt now.

Probabilities which factor in economic, political, domestic tangibles, and international realities at this moment portray an economic outlook for the Island of Mindoro that is very positive.

Economic- none greater an issue right now than the unification of the ASEAN nations into one super conglomerate of country businesses. Doors and gates which used to be closed, or jealously guarded are opening. Think China. So much need be said about this one issue alone.

Political- good leaders are in positions, and trying to stem corruption that had been the norm for so long over many presidential terms.

Domestic Tangibles- whatever one might say about the Philippines, it remain one of the best Far East (or East Asia if you will) vacation places to visit, or for long term residency, or even business. It is THE one country that is Christian and a Republic form of government.

International realities- the Philippines is considered by many economic experts as an “emerging market” and Mindoro Island I believe is on the verge of a boom economically. This statement of course needs to be qualified thus: IF THE GOVERNMENT WISENS UP and utilises the labor power, the natural resources, and the country’s strategic place in the world map, literally.

Economically- the Philippine posted a 7% GDP growth on the Q2. Where do you see growth like this? Excellent news!

For a good reference and starting point- The Heritage Foundation on the Philippines


What does these all mean? It means OPPORTUNITY. It is still the New Frontier here in the Island of Mindoro, and the Philippines as a whole. We who are on the ground now realizes the impact of Tourism on Natural and Ecological Resources so we had planned on these.

For my Resort, the maintenance of naturally-growing foliage and greenery is paramount.

TIMING TIMING TIMING works ONLY if you are agile and ready on a moment’s notice. For the entrepreneur, you must now be situated, seated at the table.

We are. Contact me anytime. Contact numbers to your left of this page.



Mission: To take advantage of opportunities of wealth development according to the realities on the ground. To streamline pocket expenses of a start-up business. To protect the individuals’ assets by exposing only what’s  necessary.

Objectives and Purposes in general:

1- To build an American, or Foreigners, community in the Island of Mindoro Occidental, that

2- Preserve assets in one’s own country [ie: America, EU, UK] by utilizing the strength of said currencies [USDollar, Euro, Pound Sterling] against a weaker currency, the Philippine pesos in an exchange which is at the present  $1 = P43.

3- To make possible a retirement that is well affordable even by the socio-middle class incomes

4- To take advantage of other opportunities in gas and fossil fuel exploration, Tourism, Food Production through agriculture,

5- To take advantage of “fire sales” of large swatches of government tracks of real estate readily available from local positioners only- those who are living in it but without titles to these tracks. There will come a time when most all of these tracks will be gobbled up by big Filipino conglomerates.

6- To take advantage of ample space, cheap labor force in any manufacturing endeavor, with the vicinity of the big city Manila 40 minutes only by commuter plane, or the burgeoning Batangas City 3 hours only by ferry.



LEASE not BUY- a house, a real estate property, for a business.  For foreigners who want to stay in PI (Philippine Islands), permanent, semi-permanent, or just long term off-on, this is the best choice for you.

This is the HEART of my business here. I had built, bought real estate, had gone thru the legal processes here locally.  I am best qualified to guide you.

In any business deal, TRUST is a given but we must “verify”.

The Details are always handled by lawyers. And we have one. Look up Jesus Disini, Attorney-at-Law of Disini, Disini, and Disini. Can’t live without them! 😉



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  2. What is the asking price, facilities, needs of maintenance and how do fishing regulations effect the property?

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