Mission Reply

“We are one with our community in the desire to live a healthy, happy life. In that desire, we must link up arm in arm so as not to leave anyone behind.”

To share the Bounty that God had given us to those in our community who are otherwise without the means and wherewithal for even the simplest of life…

This community I now belong to is in the grip of a cycle of hardship which happen twice a year; one is the drought after harvest, the second the rainy monsoon when “nothing” can be done. To us Westerners this is nothing. To the Locals, it seem they’ve made a space in their lives for this weather reality and seem to be content with it. Or perhaps I’m reading it wrong. I’ve added this personal challenge to the business challenge that is already great because when a community is a success, business is also successful. Through involvement I shall see if the threshold can be upped, the benchmark raised. There should always be unmet goals, unclimbed ladders, unfulfilled dreams otherwise what’s the push? It will take time and effort to kindle a spark in the souls of these beings for “The Dream” but the fuse is there.

Together with my son who have ambitions to be a medical doctor, future plans include the construction of a Health Clinic. A Reading Room for the kids and the Natives are also planned. The Mangyan Tribe members I’ve met had carved a deep and soft spot in my heart. Their hard work, their simplicity, the beauty of that simplicity is the pure honesty in their dealings with others. It is a despair though, to note that some of the Locals fail in reciprocating such actions. Hard work and honesty deserve respect.

There is nothing more that should compel action than when a human being takes advantage of his fellow human being.

In this endeavour of goals and dreams one ought not forget to pray to the Lord above that He grace this venture with success. We strive for the means to help alleviate the suffering around us even a little bit. It is an aspiration through the Resorts Project that Staff and I may effect change in these lives. We pay homage to the Lord who is Wise above all, to guide us and show us the Way always. Thank you.

Plans include building a handicrafts center wherein the Tribes (there are more than one) can create arts and crafts items for sale to tourists. There are not yet many tourists around us but- “if you build it, they will come!”

This Tribes Center will house the men/women/children when they come down from the mountains. They can weave utility baskets, women’s purses made with rattan and other native materials. They can do magic with their crafts and feel comfortable, fed, and yes- clothed if they so desire. Most of them still wear their Traditional g-string loin cloth although they now pair it with shirts. This is a huge endeavor but the Natives are up to this task. They never take without reciprocating gesture. As little as they have, they will offer it to you in return for what you’ve given. That is admirable from such simple lives!

Completed Promise-
When electricity was brought to the Resort some promissory agreements from the owners of the parcels of land wherein electrical posts were to be erected needed to be secured. There was a traverse of a mile distance and about 21 posts to put up. These were secured to last until and so long as, The Resort is there.

In exchange for their cooperation, included in the agreement was the promise that these lot owners can tap into the wires for their electricity. The Resort provided the wiring, the lot owners provided their own meters and voila- civilization! The Locals had been promised electricity by politicians long before. It never happened until we came.

The expense, the time, not to mention trips to and from the US to the Philippines to complete this part of the project was long awaited. At last the day did come- a promise fulfilled.

At the present, two neighbors are tapped into the wires enjoying what little of civilization they could afford. Meager resources fuel a few light bulbs, a radio and– a karaoke machine!

***I had kept these plans close to heart and rather do in deeds than words, let everyone see, rather than hear.
Now that it is out in the open we shall see the ‘how’ in its developments.

This page was not to say we are rich by any measure. It is to say however, that we- as in YOU and me, are endowed by God with sufficiency…
To ‘share’ sometimes is to mean we come up with the ‘time to care enough’ to go do.

Let’s be partners in this development: when You our Guests come as I know you will, please bring two or three books you can spare. Grade school and high school books would be excellent and most appreciated!



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