Guest House Luxe

This Guest House is first of its kind luxury accommodation in the island

So said one German Group Tour coordinator, who even included Palawan Island in his comparison, “even Palawan don’t have this kind of luxury accommodation”.

And Palawan Island was designated Condé Nast Most Beautiful Island in the World 2015 !

So said also the Vice Governor of Occidental Mindoro that it is the first time he had seen such development in the whole island.

Bad rap on him, my architect copied my lighting design and used it in his house. I wouldn’t have known it till I was a visitor at his home. Tsk tsk, Vice Gov!

The Specs for All 3 Rooms

  • As with the Main House- all patio doors and windows are of imported Australian double-pane glass made to fit the specs of my design
  • Guest House has 2-levels
  • 3 bedrooms
  • All 3 units function independently. The ground level can be occupied as a 2-bedroom suite
  • Lock the dividing door and you have 2 independent units.
  • All main doors are extra-wide colorful hardwood for ease of use & aesthetics. I love the dark mahogany coloring of these woods!
  • All bed frames and furnishings are in the same hardwood material.
  • All units have air conditioning, heated showers.

Lots love, imagination, and sweat but worth it!

Enjoy!! 🌻🌻🌻❤️🌻🌻🌻

Luxe Suite Upper Level

The Luxe Suite was designed for the CEO on Sabbatical, as if there was one!😜

  • 34 x 34 feet expansive living space
  • Sun deck overlooking the beach excellent for an intimate get-together for up to 10 people
  • Whirlpool jacuzzi bathtub, glass shower room, hot water shower
  • Bay window in bathroom enables you to overlook the beach while soaking in tub
  • Bay window in living room is a great reading nook for catching up with your favorite books
  • Light fixtures by award-winning designer only for this Guest House.
  • Mahogany wood furnishings
  • 2 beds- 1 King size, 1 Queen size
  • Mattresses shipped from the USA- form-fitting Novaform 12-inch thick comfort [a Chinese guest wanted to buy one to use in his house in Buracay! Eh? He said it was very comfortable 😊

Coach Room

Coach Room is the bigger of the two ground level rooms

  • Spacious 16 feet x 16 ft living space excluding bathroom
  • Air conditioner
  • Large bathroom, heated shower
  • 1 King size bed, 
  • 1 Queen size bed if needed can be added
  • Novaform form-fitting mattresses 12-inch thick for comfort
  • Colorful hardwood furnishings
  • All main doors including bathroom are mahogany hardwood- added for their color. Fabulously rich!
  • Porch facing the beach with seats and table so you can enjoy the sunset daily

There is a little tellsy about why this room is named such.. 😊

Dolphin Room

Dolphin Room is single occupancy, or a couple

  • 16 ft. x 13 ft living space, excluding bathroom,
  • Closet big enough for dive gear
  • Air conditioner
  • Hot water shower
  • Queen size bed- USA imported Novaform form-fitting mattress. Sink into luxurious softness after a long tiring day. Sleep like a baby!
  • 2 Porches, 1 facing the beach, 1 as you enter your main door. Nice little alcove to do your reading in cool afternoon when the beach is in blazes!

Wake up to a dolphin pod in the distance possibly breakfasting, or passing by saying “hello”!

Enjoy the day!