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Complete Clubhouse Food & Drink Menu here- Clubhouse Menu.



The Classics: Meat and Potatoes, these are USDA American beef never domestic

1. Classic American Rib Eye Steak, Sirloin Steaks– what is American meal if not STEAK and POTATOS? Yeah, we are far from the source of American Beef but at least I found a place to get it. A bit expensive due to export tax of course but Rib Eyes are a favorite.
My Resort is the ONLY ONE in the island who serves this meat!

2. Hamburgers- don’t go anywhere for hamburgers. You might get soy fillers instead. We serve 100% American Beef hamburgers, or Australian or New Zealand beef. And it will never be spiked with soy fillers like what most chains do, even recognized American brand fast food chains. That’s too bad.

Sea Foods- upon daily availability

You’ve come to the right place for this treat. Watch the fishermen in action for our Catch of the Day offering. Within 20 minutes of a catch it could be on your table.

Yellow Fin Tuna,
Shrimps, Prawns

Dolphin-free net catch only. Excellent freshness, chemical-free wild catch.
*”Wild Catch” mean any sea produce harvested from its natural habitat as opposed to ‘farm-raised.’

Join in the hauling-in the net its fun!

Pasta- always the comfort food

1. Cheese Ravioli with Lobster and Mushrooms
2. Chicken Pasta with White Sauce– quick, easy, comfort food
3. Pasta with Red Sea Food Sauce– many variations on this excellent tasting and healthy-for-you standout dish



Spicy pepper hot goes a long way.
When I stay longer in the Philippines I miss this type of food. It is not quiet known in the Island so I’ll introduce it.

1. Chili Verde- if you’ve not had this dish you don’t know Mexican food. Slow-cooked in beer sauce, served with Refried Beans and Mexican Rice
2. Seafood Tacos- fish or shrimps served on corn or flour tortillas with finely shredded green cabbage and tomato salsa.
3. Bean Burritos- either with meat or without, shredded cabbage, salsa
and of course cheese. Yumm…

The WILD EXOTIC stuff you don’t know you’d love

Asian Filipino Dishes

“Dishes” because most Filipino foods are a mixture of a lot of ingredients. Each “dish” may be a stand-alone meal. Look at these examples and maybe you’re familiar with some:

1. Pancit- rice vermicelli sautéed in meat & shrimps w/ veges
2. Lumpia Shanghai- sounds Chinese but Filipino cooking is a mix of a lot of Asian regional spices and ways of cooking. Enjoy.
3. Pancit Canton- egg noodle with sliced meat and veges like #1. The only difference is that the egg noodles are fatter and more doughy-textured.
4. Sinigang- or Filipino sour soup stew. This dish is made of several different meats and seafoods. Pork is most used, but beef can be too. Fish and Shrimp Sinigang, yes! Boiled, throw in lots of fresh veges like chinese cabbage, string beans, green hot peppers, daikon, tomatoes. Seasoned with a sour tasting tamarind- a fruit/vege.
5. Tinola- a chicken stew cooked with green papaya, pepper leaves, seasoned with ginger. Very popular dish for ease of cooking. Very light soup stock, excellent for go-with starter for your meal.
6. Adobo– whether chicken or pork, lots of garlic this is tangy, spicy and GOOD!
7. Litson– whole pork on a stick over coals. Yumm! A Filipino treat for large crowds on special celebrations
8. Pork Innards Porridge (dinuguan)– sour and spicy, you should try it! 😉

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