Mindoro Palms Beach my Private Paradise Soon to Open for YOU! Reply

Mindoro Palms Beach my Private Paradise Soon to Open for YOU!

Beach view of the Patio or I call it Porch area of our Main House. Finally looking all put-together. On the foreground is the spoiled brat hubby’s sailboat. I love the green camouflage cover of the house! Beachgoers are surprised to see a house in this spot. It’s funny when some German tourists come and sit on hubby’s boats and light a cigarette! Hubby goes batty!! 😉

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Courtyard of the Main House. To the right is the main door (not showing), to the left is my Dirty Kitchen. Suited for all kinds of party preps!

Visit our Contact Us page for more information and call us for any questions.
Come one come all!
Make sure YOU attend the Opening, and especially the Closing Party!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is the Divers Hut. I call it that because the long wide living room area flooring is done in bamboo slats and so it perfectly accommodates divers’ wet equipments. Full bathroom with hot shower.


New Acquisition, a Different Style of Vacation- MACOPA REEF Hillside Resort Reply

New Property Acquisition, a Different Style of Vacation!

Yes we did!

We were shown a property that we just cannot let go to someone else. The place, topographically speaking is a BEAUTY! Activity-wise, it is a great sister resort to compliment our first property Mindoro Palms Beach.. It compliments the first property so perfectly that it gives YOU the Vacationeer an “all-around” experience.
Just like children, we cannot say which one is our favorite. Each one has it’s strong points and choice of which to stay in really depends on your “speed” at that moment. (;)

Good for you our Guests, you NEED NOT choose! With one reservation you can experience both Resorts. You do the comparison then, and may request to stay longer at whichever one suits your mood. Let’s all agree- a vacation is a lifestyle and a “mood”, Yeah?
For men, you can be as active as you want. For women, slow down and be catered to. Hey that is what it’s all about.

MACOPA REEF sits on hillside amid hardwood trees and bamboo groves. Underwater it is a contiguous reef. The Clubhouse will sit down below the cottages’ locations, and guests will have to use a zipline to come to dinner! Ha ha, no not really. But I remarked that when we were atop the hill looking the property over. When you’re up there looking down, it’s as if you could jump, spread out your wings and fly! The zipline I thought was a novel, better idea. 😉

MACOPA REEF Beach Resort- quick video glimpse as we toured it for the first time.

The waters of MACOPA REEF are of several depth levels, kind of in a stairstep fashion. From the sand’s waterline, you could walk a quarter mile out on knee-high waters during a medium level low tide. At a part of the lunar cycle when tide gets to its extreme lowest, the reef dries up for a few hours. The whole front of the Resort is a plateau of reefs atop volcanic rocks. It is teeming with life that is pretty young. In this shallow reef, fishes and corals are still in their infancy. While snorkeling I wondered why that was.

Due maybe, to the Reef’s constant shallow nature, it’s a perfect place for hatchlings to hang out and be protected from predators. It could also be due to sun’s exposure when the reef dries up that only small corals can be found.

As you come to the end of your quarter-mile walk, you come to a descent in the ocean bed. This cliff drops off to about 30 feet. Even as I hover on the surface snorkeling, I could see the bottom very clearly. Bigger fishes and other lifeforms populate this deep. Different types of corals, some I’ve never seen before seem to be healthy and thriving. Starfishes and many other invertebrates also can be found.

It goes deeper as you go out. Waves break here as they hit the shallow rocks. Go a little further out and waves become very tamed. I intend to build a diving platform/ sushi bar here! Also.

These water cliffs are the favorite “secret” spot of some of the fishermen in the barrio. They spearfish successfully here. Some who know how to spot the elusive octopus will almost always come up with one.

Being a scuba diver, Jim liked this feature of this beach. I liked it because I can snorkle all day!
The rock formations that support this coral ecology are a breathtaking sight. Jagged, with lots of in-out ways for fishes to take shelter, and never use the same pathway. There is a story of a “foreigner” who followed a school of fishes to an underwater cave and almost lost his life when time came to breathe. I refrain from commenting as to his actions and decisions, but it’s easy to believe there are underwater “little” caves here. I looked down one while straddling atop it. I wish we had gone back and took underwater videos, but it’ll happen soon enough!

The “MACOPA” part of the Resort name is derived from a tree right on the sand’s edge called “wild macopa”. I chose this tree to name the Resort with, because it is very unusual to find such wild version of this domestic fruit tree. There is one more uphill I was told. One of the best, more endearing qualities of this property, at least to me, are the full grown trees that dot the hillsides and line the beach sides. Some are fruit trees, some are hardwood. My last request before we left for the USA was for the keeper, and owner, to never cut down a single tree anymore.

MACOPA REEF is shaped like a sail, with the shortest distance being the two beaches to the north-west and south-west sides. Hiking can be done even on crocs sandals! I got to the summit on wedge flops! That is to say- the incline is easy going up. But- but- but; when you get to the top, descent is a whole totally different challenging experience. If you continue the trail instead of re-tracking back it is almost a 35% descent, with only shrubs to grab on to.
Take heart- this trail is only the short version. There is so much more acreage (10.87 acres) to hike, and its inclines and declines are gradual. So I was told!
The “Hill” part of the name of this property as you can safely assume is- simply because it is “hill-y”. 😉

We are totally excited by this new find that we talked about suspending building on the MINDORO PALMS side after the Main House is complete. We focus resources on building here at MACOPA BEACH. That will be difficult as I want to finish one phase before we start at another. We shall see. Maybe I can juggle building on two fronts!

Get your passports out and updated!

Ciao! for Now, Off we are to the Resort- Will Keep Everyone Updated as Internet Connections Allow.. Reply

Last update tonight, maybe, until I get back Stateside April 2012.

We had been exhausting ourselves packing, and packing some more. Then go run around doing endless errands making sure all is taken cared of before Tuesday. Our one time chance to eat a meal today was at 10:30 pm. Gee whizz! There is a point after many hours of no food when you don’t feel the hunger, but you do get dizzy, woozy, and stumble around hitting your knees on coffee table corners. I hope to hit the sack at 12:00 but don’t think so.. oh well.

It will be all worth it. I swear- there will be nothing for us to do the first two weeks. We are going to vegetate, maybe walk the beach in the early a.m., or before dark, no matter the time really.

I miss the blazing sunset colors.

I want to cross the Mindoro Strait and visit Coron Bay in the Palawan Island. I’ve heard of fantastic dive spots where sunken Japanese WW2 vessels make for excellent under-water wildlife. That would be great-tastic snorkeling for me. Unfortunately, with busted eardrums I cannot dive. But Jim will, or so he says. We’ll see!

The first order of business is to look for a boat to buy. Yippee!!

Someone wants to learn how to be a fisherman hobo! Haaaa ha haha! Yah. Like that’ll happen…

Anyway- to our Friends who are visiting this website– good bye for now… We will SEE YOU AT THE RESORT!

SCUBA DIVERS- We are Your new nearest accommodation to Apo Reef Dive Park Philippines! Reply

We have acquired a second property with its own contiguous reef excellent for diving, Macopa Reef Hillside. We love this new gorgeous mountainous green property!

As for Mindoro Palms Beach, we are now open for Reservations.

To all scuba divers out there, WELCOME to Mindoro Palms Beach Resort! We are your NEW accommodation, nearest stepping stone to dive Apo Reef Dive Park Philippines!

We are your closest and nearest lodging and restaurant accommodation to diving Apo Reef Natural Park Philippines and we are eager to have you. Make us your base camp. Mindoro Palms puts you and your group that much closer in less time to one of the most exotic, breathtaking underwater dive parks in the world. This perhaps topped only by the Great Barrier Reef of Australia itself. Apo Reef Dive Park Philippines consistently rank in the top three diving destinations worldwide. For you divers, no more exhaustive 100 mile 2-day journeys from Puerto Galera. Some divers en-route to Palawan miss this dive because of it’s inconvenient out-of-the-way location.

Fly into San Jose Airport, the Regional Airport of Mindoro Island. From Manila it is fairly inexpensive. It cost between P900.00 to P1500.00 Philippine pesos, the equivalent of $23.00 to $33.00 US Dollars. That is also about how much it would cost you to ride the bus. That’s nothing, not to mention the time saved and the jiggle in a bus going through rough road winding around over, up and down and stretch on forever!

Apo Reef Dive Park is 31 miles North-west of Mindoro Palms by boat as seen on the map. For a complete itinerary sample see here- how to get to us. It’s pretty easy really; from Manila International Airport (NAIA) you fly into San Jose Airport (SJA) in Mindoro Occidental. The flight takes 35 minutes from take off to landing. From SJ Airport we pick you up for the 35-minute drive to our Resort. Rest and relax when you get in. We serve Imported Spirits and Western style food in our Palms Club Restaurant (still under construction. Meanwhile we use the Main House for kitchen amenities.)

As noted before- the Apo Reef Dive Park is a National Park in the Philippine system of Parks, and also a World Heritage Natural Park. We secure your dive permits when you get to the Resort and had finalized your dive plans.

As of this date, March 8, 2014 the dive permit per person is P2400. We, the local Tourism Council is fighting this, and we want the management of the Park to be nationalized.

On the side for a minute… lookie here!

Some very wonderful unexpected visitors! Turn down the volume as the boat engine is loud. Also the language is in Filipino. The best parts are toward the end of the vid.. this was about a mile off the beach. We were fine-tuning the new outrigger motor and had a tour of the shoreline. Good thing!

There are numerous dive sites in and around Mindoro Palms.

It's clear water always!

It’s clear water always!


As we mentioned, our new property Macopa Reef is a full-on dive site. From the top shelf it is a drop of approximately 30 feet then goes deeper from there. The underwater scenery here is excellent. We hope to get a lease to protect these reefs from trespassers who gather just about every living slug and snail!

Image 1IMG_1934


Coral Island- out to sea about a mile is the “now-you-see-it-now-you-dont” heap of broken corals caused by destructive fishing in the old days. The formation itself is amazing. Watch an ISLAND BEING BORN!



Bato-Tabaw- this is a huge rock jutting out of the waters about the same area as the Coral Island. Aside from the diving and snorkeling under its shadows I was told that it is also great as a vertical rock climb. How about that? Right out in the middle of the sea!

The Palawan Island is 4 hours across the bay. Excellent dive spot this island is!
Coron Lagoon littered with World War Two era Japanese battleships beacon. We have not seen these wrecks ourselves and look forward to checking it out personally to give you a complete picture.

Information for Domestic Flights Luggage Fees:
There are three or more air carriers that service the Manila to Occidental Mindoro route. The 3 carriers listed here offer:

1 “checked-in”  FREE luggage allowance of 15kg (33 lbs approx.), and
1 “carry-on” FREE luggage allowance of 7kg (15 lbs approx.).

Small purses on women and small backpacks on men go though without question. All carriers charge extra for “checked-in” luggage over their Free Baggage (a domestic term) Allowance weight and size policies.
1. Air Phil Express- scroll to the “Baggage” section of their FAQ
2. Cebu Pacific Air- Excess Baggage Rate- Domestic to Domestic; this is your rate travelling from an international origination point, then flying from Manila (NAIA- Ninoy Aquino International Airport) to San Jose Airport.
3. Zest Airways Inc.- Extra Luggage Info