Recent Visitors Brought FUN! West Mindoro Bikers Club Reply

The West Mindoro Bikers Club came and paid me a visit at The Palms Resort Mindoro this past Sunday, August 31st. About 15 Bikers rode all the way from San Jose to The Palms Resort.

Those who felt lazy came in cars!

Much fun had been had by all. They left word of a next visit.


Photography Tourism On-Ground In The Tropics Reply

One of the areas of Tourism most neglected because it is readily available is Photography. Photography Tourism is taken for granted as a profession and very few seek out locations to shoot to make money on.

Surely, tropical underwater world accessible only to scuba divers is one of those magnificent shoots.

As for amateur home-grown iPad only camera users which is yours truly all I could manage to take pictures of are sunsets mostly. Oh well..

With these first two shots I thought it was an “ordinary sunset”.

Then I thought the blues were nice…

Just when I thought it’s an ordinary sunset it bursted out colours and showed me!

Never take for granted Nature’s Beauty as it unfold in front of you.
Sunsets are a very true individualist nature; no two ever are alike.
One scene will play out once in a lifetime; this is why I watch out for it every day!

Golden Sunset Mother Nature’s Continuing Gift of Natural Beauty Reply

Golden Sunset shots on a typical day at The Palms Resort Mindoro in mid-June. The images were taken with an iPad Gen 5.

Most of the shots were taken from the porch of the Main House.

The identification numbers denote the series of shots.
The letter “A” mean the image was edited using the “Enhanced” feature of the iPad.
The letter “B” mean the original unedited shoot done right after, without any cropping or any other editing.

Why I used the term “mid-June” is because around this time the monsoon season starts to set. The presence of clouds filled with moisture give off a beautiful refraction and reflection on the seas below.

I want to invite you to enjoy this photographic gold mine which is almost guaranteed to play out for your enjoyment and satisfaction.

Oh yes, don’t forget to bring a camera!😃

Please visit our Contacts Page for more Information.

Thank you.
The Palms Resort Mindoro

For the Ladies; SHOPPING! Excellent Handicrafts and Nature’s art to appreciate. Reply

Above are a sample of Rocks I’ve collected. This one is called simply- “Green Heart” because of its shape. For this picture it was wet with water to show the strains and coloration. And yes, it is spoken for!

These are broken shells that closely resemble the finest art nature could produce.

Collecting shells and rocks is a great way to relax and meditate after work.

These beauties are going to be made into home decors, adornments, jewellery available for purchase in our Resort souvenir store.

These wooden flower vases came straight from the craftsman’s lathe. There has been no finishing applied to these samples. The colours you see are natural to this wood we call domestically as Kamagong tree. Not to be confused with mahogany, this is one of nature’s hardest woods excellent for carving because of its very desirable natural coloration..

Stay tuned as we post more items. We will be posting SHELLS to be sold “as is”- meaning raw, just as it was picked up off the shores so you can do with it what you want it to be.

Get some creative juices flowing!! Now.

The Dolphin Room- Aptly Named for Dolphin Sighting, High Class Back Pack Divers 3

The Dolphin Room rate check here

What’s back pack divers and dolphins have in common?

Plenty really.

The Dolphin Room is our modest priced accommodation available now. If you’re on a “back pack diver” budget but want all the comforts of a Western- style hotel room, this one’s for you.
This room is a bit smaller at 13 feet by 14 feet as compared to our Coach Room, but it has a large closet in it for all your diver luggages.

For a single person you will not want for material comforts in this room. It has all the amenities you want like hot water in a large shower room, Queen size imported mattress with ultra luxe cotton beddings. 

Who says ‘thrift’ and ‘bargain’ is synonymous with ‘poor?’ Definitely you are not. Feel like a King and sleep well- wake up around 5:00 am, open your drapery and look out the ocean.

Do you see “it?” Yeah- there are dolphin pods that come along this bay and get THIS up- close!

The Dolphin Room. You are richly deserving of all those extra pamperings we offer at the Resort, and your plushy accommodation at The Dolphin Room is not a King’s ransom but a bonus.

Hey, what else could you want? Please do tell us, we will get to it!

The Coach Room- Super Bargain Western-style Accommodation @The Palms Mindoro, Philippines Reply

The Coach Room
How much- The Coach Room rate here

Now the Coach Room has 2 beds
1 King size
1 Queen size. Save even more and split this cost up with somebody in your group
Continental Breakfast included daily for 2

So called because at the time I was putting away the keys I had it threaded on a Coach purse keychain. That pink leatherette label is easy mark even in the dark.
So there you have it! 😉 No great secret.

But also that it is the kind of quality that the name evoked is the reason why I stayed with the name “Coach”. It denotes quality craftsmanship, high quality materials, REASONABLY PRICED! For the money you pay.

And to add- “Coach” is a noun which denotes ‘leader’, ‘teacher/ instructor’, guide.. ok feeble attempt. I’ll stay with the first explanation.

When I go on vacation, ‘shopping’ is my favourite activity and the ‘purses’ department is where I pay homage to first. Of course.

And Coach is almost always what I take home.

‘Almost always’ because I also have a ‘love’ for utilitarian-designed leather Italian purses.

So now you know my mindset. Hey, Woman is who makes Executive decisions around here, and it counts what’s important!

Now you know…

The Palms Resort Mindoro Luxe Suite Now Open for Reservation Reply

How much- The Palms Luxe Room rate here
Shown is our signature The Palms Luxe Suite in our newly completed 3-bedroom Cottage. It is our main entry into the luxury Western- style accommodation here in the island.

We are very proud of the fact that this is the first of its kind luxury accommodation in all of Mindoro Island or even Palawan. Highly affordable at our low offering of $109.99.

We had a “show and tell” for the Vice Governor of Occidental Mindoro and his party. We heard lots of “ohhs” and “ahhs” from the ladies especially. The bathroom was the main attention- getter. It does feature a whirlpool jacuzzi, a rain style massager shower with room big enough for two.

One other feature of this luxury suite is a sun deck facing the beach. It is excellent venue for a cozy intimate party for up to ten people.

The Palms Luxe is ample room for the Executive who needs accommodation for an extended stay and for making the Resort his home base away from HQ.

Contact us here for Reservations.

Mindoro Palms Beach Resort Projects- follow my progress as this could be a source of amusement for you..! Reply

Having no building or construction experience at all, and being “happily” saddled with the full existence of the Resort, it is a mind-boggling responsibility! The list of to-do’s, the budget, the time constraint to Grand Opening…

Assembling personnel… let me not even think about this for now!

The building itself:
1.) road and bridge- “I” have to put one in, but before that can happen some 11 coconut trees need to be removed and uprooted! Since there hardly are any heavy construction that goes on in this patch of Earth, I have nowhere to procure heavy equipment, but I can sweet-talk the provincial engineer who maintains the roads, to see if he would lend me a backhoe and a road compactor! That’s almost funny if you know how things function there…

2.) cottages- 1 2-story double occupancy, 1 single occupancy, 1 2-story executive suite double occupancy. Construction need to start right away, almost all contents of each, from curtains to beds and beddings to bathroom rugs need to be sent from the US.

3.) shop and staff housing- 1/3 done, still a long ways to go

4.) clubhouse/ restaurant, with walk-in refrigerator and freezer- 8′ tall x 8’8″ width x 10′ 8″ deep- this is a biggie! Dishes, silverwares, all china; all breakables are to be shipped from here, I’m counting on this freight forwarder to get all breakables delivered in tact! Oy!

5.) main house porch- this was supposed to be an elevated porch, supported only two posts! As you can see, the workes made a mistake.. yeeaahhh… tear it down or leave it and improve on it? 64M question!

…and let me not stop there-
6.) a floating dock/ platform- for diving or snorkeling or dining, complete with dressing room and bathroom… what “floaties” to use?

7.) put in a pressurized water tank- this is half-way done; we had the well dug and is now producing water

8.) The electricity had been wired in from the main road but cables need to be buried..

9.) One of the biggest problems- finding suppliers of steaks and other meats. Australia seem to be a good place, but for 22.00 @ pound for yearling beef, it’s going to cost big..

10.) interior decoration- anybody? I’ll offer meals and free stay!

Stay tuned as I bungle around in the dark, towards our Grand Opening target date: June 30, 2012… no pressure at all!