Macopa Reef, Easy Day Dive for Scuba Divers

I had planned to stop building on the first site- Palms Occi and concentrate on this property. I fell in love with it the first time I toured this. Alas, life threw a curve ball and stopped me! This property is now for sale= 7M Philippine Pesos or best offer If interested  Contact me. Description: … Continue reading Macopa Reef, Easy Day Dive for Scuba Divers

Projects: Tourism Business & Ecological and Environmental Issues- Balance & Harmony

Environmentalists, Ecologists, and Businesses can and oftentimes do come together for common interest and good. Sniping and unconstructive critiques do not help anyone.. we in the Philippine Islands do need help and locally we are trying to rehabilitate an endangered coral population, protect exotic fishes, and retain flora underneath the waves. Indifference from political leaders IS the single most deadly aspect of this preservation, more than a starving fisherman going out spear-fishing, or netting...

To-Do Land Adventures @Palms Occi Philippines

Visit us at The Palms Resort Mindoro and explore caves, go rock climbing, meet the Mangyan Indigenous Peoples who have the sweetest smiles, and let them guide you into the jungles and see what you're made of without your GPS! It truly is falling off the edge of earth and disappearing.. however bring your gear just in case you want to get back up and join the civilised world again. Or employ the tractor beam and beam you up Scotty! <a href=""> Read More...

Wild Life on the Beach- Turtle Visits Its Birthplace!

Nature is such good thing! It is a pleasure. It is a relaxing natural entertainer A wildlife carefree tortoise visits his home turf! Humans don't get in its way and let these gentle animals propagate. It's been said that turtles visit the VERY beach where they were first laid as eggs by the mother. For … Continue reading Wild Life on the Beach- Turtle Visits Its Birthplace!