Clubhouse Food and Drink Menu

Palms Club Restaurant  BREAKFAST~~ Cafe Americano- Drip- Brewed Instant Coffees Domestic Organic Hot Coco(a) Tea- all organic Breakfast Combos: Breakfast Potatoes 3 slices French Toast 2 links (Longanisa) 3 slices bacon 2 eggs any style Hot Oatmeal Bowl 3- stack Pancakes Pan de Sal French Toast *Topping/ sauce/ syrup: fresh mangos in season, fresh ripe papaya, … Continue reading Clubhouse Food and Drink Menu

Sputzli Swiss Dinner at The Palms Guest Cook

When the guest wants to cook the dinner, you let him!! Sputzli, the way he wrote it, is a Swizz- German food that's the equivalent of fresh pasta food in Italian. The Chef guest made 3 different types of sauces; garlic, classic sauce which was loaded with mushrooms, and Italiano which is the classic red … Continue reading Sputzli Swiss Dinner at The Palms Guest Cook