Shoot A Lager Commercial Bonfire Party On the Beach Reply

 The offer is still on the table to shoot a German Lager commercial. Bonfire Beach Party setting for May Flower Festival..

…would be cool– IF ONLY I can go home!!

Places to Go, Things To Do 😟😭🤣 I don’t know if to cry or laugh!!!

  1. Scuba diving- Apo Reef, Puerto Galera, at least re-visit these places. It’s been a while
  2. Fishing- yellow fin tuna, swordfish, marlin; ever seen a swordfish swim full speed tethered to a fisherman’s line? I have. I prayed his little boat would hold up!! Talk about white waves created by the speed of the fish, then got airborne. It was the most awesome sight. See in one of below pics
  3. Boating-
  4. Snorkeling-
  5. Island hopping-  Palawan Island- Conde Nast 2015 Most Beautiful Island in the World Winner- 3 hours by boat from the resort
  6. My immediate favorite as soon as I get back from California where I am right now; is set up a floating target for (see blue tarp floaty) TARGET SHOOTING, from an outrigger boat to that tarp target..  should be lots of fun!
  7. Take out my guns and practice- don’t anybody begrudge me this- I have to be my own security! 😊 I smile but ain’t kiddin’
  8. Water buffalo race on the beach- see pic of my water buffalo pet Singa 😉
  9. Dolphin sightseeing- about 1 mile out

Showing parts of the grounds of the property- 2.5 hectares or 5 acres private beach

Food Fare

Filipino, American and German- Sputzli (spelling?) German equivalent of Italian pasta.

~ My German buddy will cook, I hope. He’s good! 😊

~ The Bar is stocked, hard & soft liquor, makins for Martini except I don’t have Vermouth! But I think I still have 2 bottles of Champagne.. 😉

~ Fruit Margaritas or green coconut water.. organic, healthy

LET’S GO DO !! I’m tired of sitting on my tush in California!!

I’m ready to party in an open air sea breeze sea spray messing with your hair..!! Torrential rains that make for flooded rivers, on full moonlit nights one’s gotta witness the whitewater shimmer of bubbles as this ferocious river drain into the sea… in solitude it’s quiet an experience to stand by it and hear the rush of water hissing..

…stand on the shore in the middle of the night, everything quiet, you see the trees twinkling with thousands of fireflies, amazing that these creatures are so small yet they can light up a tree visible on the beach.

…when you can go up to them and be in the middle of those little flapping wings… ahhh!!! ✨✨✨😢😭

Just as I was finishing this post- a “Health Alert” from the US Embassy in Manila for this epidemic, advising that some of their services to US citizens are cancelled… of course this mean to say it’s because travel is going to be difficult..

I did say I don’t know whether I’d cry or laugh… can anyone guess the answer? 💙💜💙

Me: Yan Wushi, take me away!!!!!

Yan Wushi: Hahahaha!!! Qiao!! 💙💜😭😭😭

17+ Acres Beach Front Property For Sale- Pacific Rim to rival Buracay! Reply

Macopa Reef- not just a name but a description of this property

Not as expensive as you might think. I will sell in USDollars only.

The surrounding properties could be bargained for inexpensively from its rights holders. This Resort development possibly could rival Buracay.

Also that this property faces West- meaning it is sheltered from typhoons that visit the Pacific Ocean every monsoon.. THIS fact alone is valuable priceless asset if one knew the historical destruction of typhoons in these parts

MACOPA REEF quick video glimpse as I toured it for the first time.

One of the attractions why I bought this property are these rocks.

There are some very big granite boulders on the front, and strewn pretty much all throughout the length of shoreline of this property. There is no other property along this coast as beautifully adorned as this property!

Yes, one of the pics show a trickling of FRESH WATER suitable enough for the locals to fetch their drinking water from! Plans for a grotto on this part is still on… I never stop planning and dreaming..!😊

Below pics are the front sand line of the property and the map location

  • Beach front real estate property, facing West to Palawan Island, South China Sea
  • Area: 8+ hectares or 17.6 acres
  • Undeveloped- Titled, yes
  • Topography: sand, hillside, brook, natural spring water on beach wall- see pic
  • Topography Underwater= shallow plateau that dries on very low tide approx. 50-60 meters wide to the edge of reef, from there a drop on the reef wall of about 15 feet, goes deeper from there
  • Natural Resources: mature hardwood trees, fruit trees (mangoes, jackfruit), bananas, bamboo groves
  • Other Features: the waters on the front of property is a Marine Preserve, but is open to tourist scuba diving, snorkeling. Absolutely no fishing within the red area of the Preserve.
  • Water is deep enough for big vessels for 40+ passengers. Yacht is ok
  • Fronting the Mindoro Strait so water is DEEP!
  • Development Possibility: It had been ok’d by city Council for a Resort.
    Because of the shallow plateau foreshore of the property, dwellings can be constructed here, in the style of Bali or Maldives, those huts that sit atop water can be done here too.
    The lighter coloration on the water denotes the shallow part that dries up during very low tides. Picture of Maldives huts only to show example..

Mature vegetation inside the property and on shoreline. One of these trees is what this property is named after- it’s the wild variety of macopa- therefore named Macopa Reef Resort [ the name was when I wanted to develop it. Still planning on it.. did I already say I won’t stop… well, yes! ]

  • Underwater it is a contiguous reef. From the beach’ waterline, you could walk 100 meters out on knee-high water during a low tide. When tide is its extreme lowest, this part dries up until the tide dries up
  • This property is water, sand, rocks, hills.
  • Hiking this property can be done on crocs sandals, or with the help of ropes and stakes, which ever one you are! For a leisurely walk, stay close to the beach. For intermediate hiker challenge, go uphill to some trails that meander up and down the mountain staying still within this property. Some descents can be 35′ degrees.
  • MACOPA REEF above water sits on a hillside amid hardwood trees and bamboo groves. During the rainy season it springs water off the grounds that turn into a brook which water meanders into the sands then the sea.
  • There is a huge rock right front at the edge of the water. Rocks jut out and vie for space with the towering trees for a perfect green environment of a forested coastline. Beautiful scenery I love. Quiet. Excellent for relaxing.
  • One of the most endearing qualities of this property are the full grown trees that dot the hillsides and line the beach sides. Some are fruit trees, some are hardwood.
  • One particular tree is a pitstop to a flock of songbirds which keep the whole place musically loud.
  • The whole sea bed is a plateau of reefs atop volcanic rocks. It is teeming with life that is pretty young. In this shallow reef fishes and corals are still in their infancy. Due maybe to the Reef’s constant shallow nature, it’s a perfect place for hatchlings to hang out and be protected from predators.
  • As you come to the end of your 100-meter walk you come to a descent in the ocean bed. This cliff drops off to about 30 feet and goes dark from there.  Bigger fishes and other lifeforms populate this deep. Different types of corals, some I’ve never seen before seem to be healthy and thriving. Starfishes and many other invertebrates also can be found.

Which will protect this environment from human exploitation.

If you’re a scuba diver you’ll love this feature of the property.

  • For newbs on water sports– you could snorkel all day and be entertained. The rock formations that support this coral ecology are a breathtaking sight. Jagged, with lots of fissures that shelter fishes and other underwater wildlife.

I dare say this reef’s #MarineEcology are better than #SharksCoveHawaii. Oh yes!

The caretaker had a story of a foreigner who followed a school of fishes to an underwater cave and almost lost his life when time came to surface for air. I refrain from commenting as to his actions and decisions, but it’s easy to that there are cave-like formations here made of coral reefs.

Points of interest worthy to explore

Since the foreshore of this resort property is now a marine sanctuary no more fishing is allowed but go out to the outside and fish to your heart’s content!

The Rock outcropping is 1 mile away from shore and is part of the marine preserve but still available for snorkeling

The coral bed is also about 1 mile offshore. On very low tides this coral atoll surfaces to the top and is baked in the sun for about one hour. When high tide comes in it goes under as if some mysterious power had gripped it and had taken it under water for the next show– truly #Nature is magnificently marvelous!

I was very excited acquiring this property. Plans for a park-like resort setting so gorgeous and green was immediately drafted. Alas! I have to sell it. MAYBE!! 😉

  • Philippines Coastal Properties are becoming scarce to find. Coastal properties anywhere in the world are gone. All have been developed. Here is one being put on the market. Fairly inexpensive.
  • a) Eight ( 8 ) hectares = 17.82 acres.
    b) A helipad atop a hill is possible.
    c) Near the National Highway but shielded by mountains
    d) Other scenic natural sites formations are nearby, see pictures
    e) more properties and acreage may be acquired from surrounding property possessors.

~email if any questions~ See Contact Page or ask for my cphone #

🌹💙 Endless are the possibilities to an open mind. ~~ Yours Truly. ~Min~

High Class Lodging @ Back Pack Divers Rate Mindoro Island PH Reply

Dolphin Room- Super bargain on Backpack Divers Budget!

What’s back pack divers and dolphins have in common?

Plenty really.

The Dolphin Room is our modest priced accommodation available. If you’re on a “back pack diver” budget but want all the comforts of a Western- style hotel room, this one’s for you.

Large closet for all your diver luggages.

For a single person you will not want for material comforts in this room. It has all the amenities you need

  1. 16 ft. x 13 ft living space, excluding bathroom, big closet for all your dive gear
  2. Air conditioned
  3. Shower with hot water
  4. Queen size bed- with USA imported mattress Novaform form-fitting bed. Sink into luxurious softness after a long tiring day. Sleep like a baby!
  5. Ultra luxe cotton beddings and towels all imported from USA
  6. 2 Porches, 1 facing the beach, 1 as you enter your main door. Nice little alcove to do your reading in cool afternoon when the beach is blazing hot!

Who says ‘thrift’ and ‘bargain’ is synonymous with ‘poor?’ Definitely you are not. Feel like a King and sleep well. Wake up around 5:00 am, open your drapery and look out the ocean.

Do you see “it?” Yeah- there are dolphin pods that come along this bay and get THIS up- close!

The Dolphin Room. You are richly deserving of all those extra pamperings we offer at the Resort, and your plushy accommodation at The Dolphin Room is not a King’s ransom but a bonus.

Hey, what else could you want? A rental boat maybe to chase that dolphin pod? 😁

Lodging Western-style Bargain Comfort Mindoro Island PH Reply

The Coach Roomis your best bargain in this whole island!

Two beds mean cost can be split with a friend

Economy budget with a not-so-economy comfort!! The full Guest House can be rented wholly for big company, on any term like weekly or monthly or yearly.. ask for details.

Contact Page:

  1. Spacious 16 feet x 16 ft living space excluding bathroom
  2. Air conditioned
  3. Large bathroom, shower with water heater
  4. 2 beds- 1 King size, 1 Queen size Novaform form-fitting mattresses. Imported from USA. Dream heavenly with 12-inch foam mattress that wraps around you in comfort
  5. All beddings are imported from USA
  6. Colorful hardwood furnishings
  7. Porch facing the beach with seats and table so you can enjoy the sunset daily

So named because at the time I was putting away the keys I had it threaded on a Coach purse keychain. That pink leatherette label is easy mark even in the dark.
So there you have it. No great secret! 😊

But also that it is the kind of quality that the name evoked. One reason why I stayed with the name “Coach”. It denotes quality craftsmanship, high quality materials, REASONABLY PRICED! For the money you pay. I’m talking about the room! 😉

When I go on vacation, ‘shopping’ is my favourite activity and the ‘purses’ department is where I pay homage to first. Of course.

And Coach is almost always what I take home.

‘Almost always’ because I also have a ‘love’ for utilitarian-designed Italian leather purses.

So now you know my mindset. Hey, Woman is who makes Executive decisions around here, and it counts what’s important!

Now you know… 🌹❣️

MC Suite- First of a Kind Luxury Lodging Mindoro Island PH Reply

The Palms Luxe Suite- luxury accommodation in Mindoro Island, Philippines

Signature Luxe Suite of a 3-bedroom Guest House is Min Palms Resort entry into the Luxury Western- style accommodation here in the island.

As the builder I am pretty proud of the fact that this is the first of its kind luxury accommodation in all of Mindoro Island or even Palawan Island. This even with Conde Nast designating Palawan Island as Most Beautiful Island Destination 2015 (year?)

A German tourist quipped,  “yes, please build more of this. My friends and I want luxury accommodation like this after a day’s busy activities but there is nothing in this island.”

Pleasant surprise!

So there! 😊

The “show and tell” for the Vice Governor of Occidental Mindoro and his party was big success.

  1. This is a 35 ft. x 34 ft living space excluding the bathroom. It’s a huge room that occupies all of the second floor of this Guest House.
  2. Fully tiled in ceramic white
  3. Designer Lights to suit your mood, only for this room
  4. Two beds- 1 King size, 1 Queen size Novaform beds imported from USA. Guests fall in love with the soft comfortable fit as your body sinks in it
  5. All beddings imported from USA
  6. Attraction for this Luxe Suite is the Whirlpool Jacuzzi in the bathroom. Overlook the beach while you sit in your bath!  Complete with heated water. A huge shower room encased in glass perfect for two! 
  7. Fully air conditioned. Sumptuously fitted with draperies to keep you cool on hot sunny days.
  8. One other feature of this luxury suite is a sun deck facing the beach. It is excellent venue for a cozy intimate party for up to ten people.
  9. It has a refrigerator, a mini bar table/ cabinet, a dining table for 2.
  10. Security screen door so you can open it to let air through

Please no kids below 12 years old. Twelve year old count as “adult” rate.

The Palms Luxe Suite is ample room for the Executive who needs accommodation for an extended stay. Make the Resort your home base away from HQ

Sputzli Swiss Dinner at The MC Resort Guest Cook Reply

When the guest wants to cook the dinner, you let him!!

Sputzli, the way he wrote it, is a Swizz- German food that’s the equivalent of fresh pasta preparation in Italian.

The Chef guest made 3 different types of sauces:

. Garlic- very simply sautéed crushed garlic in olive oil and white sauce

. Mushroom and meat sauce

. Italiano which is the classic red sauce made with tomato paste.

Very interesting the way the dough was prepared; let stand at room temperature for 5 hours. It was kneaded thin on a cutting board and sliced with a knife from the board, dropping into boiling water.

The water needed to be changed when it got thick from receiving the dough. Cooked dough was let cool off before serving, scooping sauce on top.

It was fantastic! Never had such, let alone prepared by a guest! MORE PLEASE!

The Champaign was chilled for 1 hour in the freezer then 6 hours in the fridge. Perfect pop!

Dessert was layered pineapple served with coffee.

The whole dinner was consumed on the porch, complete with unexpected power blackout before the rains which enhanced the romantic ambiance of the whole dinner with solar lamps. [ I guess! ]

Just really depends on one’s mindset then these Nature outbursts can be an enhancement to an already rich experience!

Count on the unexpected and never have expectations!! Lol..

Dance with Mother Nature’s whims. I swear it adds an unforgettable element to your moment‼️❤️

PS. Power was back in 30 minutes😊

Wild Life on the Beach- Turtle Visits Its Birthplace! Reply

Nature is such good thing! It is a pleasure. It is a relaxing natural entertainer.

It’s been said that sea turtles visit the VERY beach where they were first lain as eggs by the mother.

A wildlife carefree tortoise visits his home turf!

Humans don’t get in its way and let these gentle animals propagate.

For some reason these creatures have the natural GPS encoded in their genetics. They are able to hone in on that particular body of water and make that journey to lay their eggs there.

Unfortunately these gentle creatures that have no defenses except their hard shells have to share space with humans and development that sometimes are not sensitive to Nature and the other species that deserve their own share of space.

PS- the man holding the turtle was my construction employee. Was he not working for me at the time I knew for a fact that this little cute turtle would have ended up as soup in his skillet!!

Sometimes I cannot blame the humans either. If their family were going hungry– what to do??

The natural processes at play here is much in the same way as another species, the Salmon. When Salmon gets to maturity to spawn they go back to that source of water where they themselves were hatched. Sadly for the adult fishes, they die after assuring the continuous survival of their species.

Sea turtles can live to hundred years, maybe more? If left alone by poachers and fishing nets.

Thank goodness, turtles don’t die after they’ve laid that first batch!

This particular visitor came around April 20. If this visitor laid eggs on the beach no one had known where it is. Good. I know people eat the eggs, and the turtle meat! Ugh. Not when I’m around.

Due to its size we believe it might be in the same batch of hatchlings as the one caught and tagged a year ago. I hope s/he comes back when  I’m there so we can tag it too. It would be nice to find out how many times an individual turtle shows up at the beach.

If this one is a female and had laid eggs the nest won’t be very far from  our doorsteps.

How neat is that? 😉