Recent Visitors Brought FUN! West Mindoro Bikers Club Reply

The West Mindoro Bikers Club came and paid me a visit at The Palms Resort Mindoro this past Sunday, August 31st. About 15 Bikers rode all the way from San Jose to The Palms Resort.

Those who felt lazy came in cars!

Much fun had been had by all. They left word of a next visit.


That Retirement Date Will Come One Day- be ready Reply

High standard of living for foreign money- US Dollar, the Pound Sterling, and the Euro are some of the foreign money that come into our little town courtesy of the ex-pats and foreigners who have found lives in this corner of the world. Their foreign money count for a lot and buy a lot here. More…

Projects: Tourism Business & Ecological and Environmental Issues- Balance & Harmony 1

Environmentalists, Ecologists, and Businesses can and oftentimes do come together for common interest and good. Sniping and unconstructive critiques do not help anyone.. we in the Philippine Islands do need help and locally we are trying to rehabilitate an endangered coral population, protect exotic fishes, and retain flora underneath the waves.

Indifference from political leaders IS the single most deadly aspect of this preservation, more than a starving fisherman going out spear-fishing, or netting…


To-Do Land Adventures @the PALMS Mindoro, Philippines 2

Visit us at The Palms Resort Mindoro and explore caves, go rock climbing, meet the Mangyan Indigenous Peoples who have the sweetest smiles, and let them guide you into the jungles and see what you’re made of without your GPS!
It truly is falling off the edge of earth and disappearing.. however bring your gear just in case you want to get back up and join the civilised world again. Or employ the tractor beam and beam you up Scotty!
<a href="”> Read More…


Daring Young People to Explore Possibilities for an Enhanced Life 1

Jobs for the millennials in an ever divergent job market is not really too hot prospect-wise. Totally change your thinking and explore the possibility of travelling a beach resort scuba dive circuit as instructors/ trainers. Or totally do an about-face and turn everything you know upside down and develop a lifestyle all your own to enjoy in the atmosphere of tropical living. Root up and transplant! Contact me @The Palms Resorts Mindoro. Island Adventure, anyone? Read More…

Outrigger Tourister and Liveaboard Cruiser at Your Service in the FUN Dept! Reply

We are looking for adventurous souls to go on our maiden voyage of the 4-ton boat you see below. The smaller watercraft will escort her.

She’s in final preps for a motor then a cabin for live aboards, then final paint.

Itinerary is The Palms Resorts- Pandan Island- Coron Bay- Puerto Princesa- then back. The voyage will take about 2 weeks. We will  be crossing the South Philippine Sea formerly known as the South China Sea.

Out on the horizon is the Mindoro Strait shipping lane which also used to be the Japanese Armada choice of waterway when they sailed off to Leyte Gulf to play cat-and-mouse with the Pacific Fleet of General Douglas McArthur during WW11.

Coron Bay is the graveyard of 3 Japanese warships and is now a top destination for hotshot wreck divers. I want to see the much-heard-of beauty of Coron Bay Lagoon where these ships lie.

This boat is Mindoro Palms #3. She’s going to be a 4-ton outrigger cruiser when we’re done with her. She’d shed off her old skin and put on a new one.

IMG_2220 We totally gutted her, made the top wider to accommodate more load. We also made the outriggers longer and more floats to compensate. Soon we will be putting in a new R4 engine.

IMG_2208 We have an excellent boat maker in our neck of the woods. This boat was scraggly and ugly when we got it. After about a month of work, lots of hardwood, lots of marine epoxy glue and paint and soon a new engine, she’d turned into a beauty.

IMG_2206This one is Mindoro Palms #1.

Yes it does take these many people to beach this baby. Altho the new weight is 1/3 more than the old shell now she is more buoyant, carries more passengers with ease up to 10 people with no problem.

IMG_2214 She’s fast too hence the “Tourister” designation.

Here the Capt. inspects for algae and eagle’s claw, a kind of shellfish that attaches itself to the submerged part and eats up your boat. We don’t want that.

Any takers on the cruise let us know here.

I can’t wait!! I DOUBLE-DARE YOU to come with me!! Dramamine’s ready. 😉

The Palms Clubhouse Food and Drink Menu Reply

Palms Club Restaurant

Breakfast-   served 24 / 7

Imported Cafe Americano- Fresh Brewed

1. Jose French Vanilla Flavored Coffee- P150

2. Yuban or Folgers Medium/ Dark Roast- P150

3. Decaf Brewed- P150

4. Domestic Organic Hot Coco(a)- P150

5. Tea- Green, Black

Breakfast Combos: Brewed Coffee + any 2 items- P300

        2 eggs any style
        3 slices bacon
        2 links (Longanisa)
        3 slices French Toast
        Breakfast Hash Browns
        Cold Cereal Bowl- please ask server what’s available
        Hot Oatmeal Bowl
        Fruit cocktail bowl
        3- stack Pancakes
        Pan de Sal French Toast

***Topping/ sauce/ syrup: fresh mangos in season, fresh ripe papaya, shredded young coconuts in caramelized (bukayo) sauce


American Sandwiches + French Fries and Iced Tea- served 24/7 

1.  Single Hamburger- P300                                                                                                           US ground beef, dressing, tomatoes, lettuce

**Add Cheese- P15

**Add Bacon- P30

2.  Double Hamburger= 1/2 lb- P400                                                                                       Dressing, tomatoes, lettuce, American Cheese

3.  Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich- P150

4.  Turkey Sandwich- P300

5.  Club Sandwich- P300

Filipino Selection~~
Available for Lunch and Dinner, 
all Favorites of Ours! 

        1. Pancit Bihon- P
          Ground pork, potatoes, celery, seasonings, rolled in paper-thin pastry wrapper then deep fried. Excellent appetizer too
        2. Pansit Canton- P
          Egg noodle pasta sauteed in shrimps, pork and veges. A little heavier version of the above. Thoroughly satisfying meal all by itself Sinigang- P                                                                                  Pork or Shrimps Stew- in sour Tamarind base soup with lots of green veges. Recommended
        3. Chicken Tinola-                                                                    Chicken stew with sauteed ginger as its soup base. Garnished with sage or green pepper leaves. Got cold?
        4.  Adobo: Pork or Chicken- P
          Served over rice.
        5. Pansit Bihon- P
          White rice vermicelli sauteed with shrimps, chicken strips, snow peas, onions, garlic 
        6. Adobo: Pork or Chicken- P
          Cooked in soy sauce with lots of garlic. If desired, the addition of curry and/or coconut milk as seasoning accentuates this dish and is an excellent topping for white rice. Recommended
        7. Fried Rice Shanghai (Chinese) Style- P
          Shrimps for flavor, eggs, peas, carrots, green onion topping

Non- Alcohol Drinks~~ 

        1. Iced Lipton  Tea- regular or lemon
        2. Raspberry Flavored Iced Tea
        3. Coke
        4. Lemonade- made with fresh kalamansi

                               e. Coffee Caramel Frappuccino, blended frozen-
Excellent after dinner dessert drink!

Imported Liquors and Spirits~~ 
We will bring your Full Bar Menu.

Grand Marnier



Tequila- Jose Cuervo Gold, Don Julio, US Kirkland

Vodka-   Ciroc, Smirnoff, Stolichnaya, US Kirkland

Scotch Whiskey- Johnny Walker

Palms Club Restaurant



USDA Steaks are a rarity in this country. We buy up when available. Enjoy!

1.  B-52  1/3 lb. All- American Hamburger + San Mig of your choice- P             French Fries. Cole slaw.

 2.  Classic American Rib Eye Steak & Potatoes- P2299
Grilled seasoned Rib Eye Steak. Served w/ baked or mashed potato. Vegetables. Digestif of Sliver of Chocolate in Hot Midori. You’ve never had this concoction before!


1. Blackened Pink Salmon 8oz- P                                                                       Norwegian Pink Salmon w/ LA Blackened Seasoning. Served on a bed of in-season delicate sweet-sour fruit puree. Delicious! Light and appeti-ZING! Mixed vegetables.

**Spicy but not pepper hot.

2. Swordfish Steak, as available-  P                                                                            Very lightly breaded and browned in butter. Or charcoal grilled naked (no breading).     Rice pilaf, veges.

3. Breaded Fish Fry Platter- as available-  P                                                             Fillets of White Fish lightly breaded and fried. Served w/ French Fries or Sweet Potato Fries. Coleslaw.  Garnish w/ **Atsara.

4. Yellow Fin Tuna Grill- P
Italian sauce baste. Grilled skewered sweet onions, tomatoes.
Choice of seasoned french fries, or Coconut-creamed Sticky Rice.
*subject to availability



5. Fried Chicken- Whole- P
Good for two people. Shanghai Rice, sweet corn if available,
Sautéed mixed vegetables.

6. Fried Chicken- Half- P
Shanghai Rice, sweet corn if available, sautéed mixed vegetables.

7. Baked Turkey- P
USA Butterball turkey. Yes we are lucky to find a supplier! Baked, w/ all the regular Thanksgiving trimmings!

8. Grilled Pork Ribs- P
Tangy sauce, parboiled for tenderness. Scalloped potatoes, Greens and or Mixed vegetables.

9. Pork Chili Verde- taste Mexico in the Orient! P
Slightly pepper-hot but not too hot, just right. Served w/ refried beans w/ cheese, corn or flour tortillas

10. Chicken Pasta in Mushroom Sauce- P
A Resort Favorite!


Surfing Equator: Monsoon Season is ON! Reply

It is June-July in the Tropics and the predictable yearly weather pattern called “monsoon” has arrived at the Equator. This is probably my most favorite type of weather “disturbance!” I love typhoons. I grew up in it. I love pelting rain that blistered your skin when it hit, driven by gusts of wind up to 120 kilometers per hour. Don’t worry- that’s approximately only 70 miles per hour!

These pictures were taken at different days within a week. The beauty of being in the Tropics is that the weather flips on a dime and you better be ready.. It’s wonderful!

Jim shot these pictures off of our Porch. He wondered where this fisherman got his colorful sail to add an idyllic peaceful scenery out there.

Then the following morning, boom! Waves crashed way up on the shore line. This one nearly took the boat out with it. If those boats weren’t tethered they’d be gone by the morning.

Although for surfers these waves are nothing, once in a while it goes up about 5 feet to where one can get a good ride on a short board.

The boards are here in California. I am strapping the guitar on my back, not a board, when I fly out of here to the Resort come July. The boards will have to wait one more season… darn!

Let’s go Sailing, the Weather is NAVIGABLE! We Rent Sailboat Reply

Once in a while in the South China Sea there comes stiff breezes that create 5-foot waves. I wish this phenomenon would linger on for weeks. It normally does not. This is other than, and different from the seasonal monsoon.

On one of those odd climes, somebody tried to sail. I wish I had a video of it.

In the following pics, I had edited the original ‘brightness’ by one or two degrees so these shots are showing brighter. And still noticeable in the skies above– dark clouds!
I love weather like this, especially in the tropics. Winds become cooler from the mountains giving relief from constant heat. Driving rain pelts down on your skin you wonder where’s the bruises after staying under it, drenching you in minutes.

It is a challenge to the well-trained. The wind can shift rapidly, and in the end will direct you towards the shore. And in some unfortunate cases, rocks!

You up for it?? 😉

What to do? Guided Fishing off The Palms beach coast! Reply

What to do at The Palms Beach Resort?
Up for boat-chases and tug-o’-war games? How’s your nerves for a Blue Marlin chase? Or Yellow Fin Tuna for that matter? Well…

Catch of the day, 4/23/2012 is a Yellow Fin Tuna.  It was 21 kilos, which translate to 46.2 lbs. It gave a 4-hour fight according to the fisherman. This baby we feasted on for 4 days. There were about 17 of us the first day btw.

At left is a Blue Marlin. We watched it get ensnared by the fisherman’s line. What a sight when this fish gave its all to get away by swimming so fast that when the line ran out this fish actually got airborne! It was a sight watching it drag the tiny motor less boat. The white water splash created every time it fell back in the water was awesome. I wish I had it on video but in all the excitement I forgot I had one.

We later caught up with the fisherman and offered to buy his catch. Surprise, he offered a different fish instead. According to him the fish he’s selling us was more tasteful than Blue Marlin, a fish locals call “tanigue” shown below. I agreed!