Park Hyo Shin Releases Beautiful And Emotional MV For “Goodbye” Reply

..this beautiful man who captivates admiration from you with his emotions expressed in his lyrics, like a confession, like a mirror that reflects his hurt soul from deep within is why I AM A FAN!

Park Hyo Shin's planet

Park Hyo Shin has released the music video for his beautiful new single “Goodbye”!


“Goodbye” is a song that encapsulates acceptance but also a deep sense of sadness, perfectly portrayed by Park Hyo Shin’s vocal talent. The lyrics talk about knowing that it’s time to let go, but also looking back on the past and reminiscing about good times.

Park Hyo Shin co-composed the song with Jung Jae Il and shared his ideas with lyricist Kim Yi Na to come up with the song. A 50-person orchestra came together for the instrumental, and it all comes together with Park Hyo Shin’s soaring vocals in the emotional music video to create an experience.

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Business Opportunities in the Philippines Reply


There is great opportunity  to be had in Mindoro Island for the resourceful individual or company. 




A- For Americans- earn $98K tax-free on your Individual Returns tax. Take advantage of this opportunity.

B- The ASEAN Nations have integrated- Asia continent plus EU, joined by the USA and Australia. What this integration means is open trading with member countries are quota-free tariff-free.

C- Mindoro Island is all-open frontier waiting to be developed. This aspect is the most valuable treasure to an entrepreneur. The ability to be able to get in on the ground at development phase is priceless entrepreneurial opportunity.
Think of a business that a developing island in the Pacific need and it is waiting.
Tourism, Food retail, Truck stops with Shopping centers, Transportations, Fishing fleets, Mining- nickel, gold and jade, more.

D- A doorway is open into China’s huge economic market.
The ASEAN unification just opened up liberally this giant economic powerhouse in Asia. So many possibilities just on this one topic alone.

E- International realities- the Philippines is considered by many economic experts as an “emerging market.”
Mindoro Island is 45 minutes away from Manila, the international hub.
Manila is getting crowded.

Mindoro Island offers a relaxed atmosphere and an opportunity for business. The entrepreneur who realizes this will hit pay gold.


For a good reference and starting point- The Heritage Foundation on the Philippines


What does these all mean?

It means OPPORTUNITY.  It is still the New Frontier in the Island of Mindoro and the Philippines as a whole.

TIMING TIMING TIMING works ONLY if you are agile and ready on a moment’s notice. For the entrepreneur, you must now be situated, seated at the table.

We are. Contact me anytime. Contact



Objectives and Purposes:

1- Wealth creation for the Individual or corporation. It is open frontier in real estate in an ecologically green pristine environment

2- The USA Dollar at its highest exchange rate ever v. the Philippine Peso



1- To build an American, or Foreign community in the Island of Mindoro Occidental, that

2- Preserve assets in one’s own country [ie: America, EU, UK] by utilizing the strength of said currencies [USDollar, Euro, Pound Sterling] against a weaker currency, the Philippine pesos in an exchange which is at the present the highest ever, and

3- shelter $98,000 of your personal income tax-free in the USA (this amount is probably higher now)

3- To make possible a retirement lifestyle that is well affordable even by the socio-middle class incomes

4- To take advantage of other opportunities in gas and fossil fuel exploration, Tourism, Food Production and distribution- for the most prt Mindoro Island is still agricultural

5- To take advantage of “fire sales” of large swatches of government tracks of real estate readily available from native stake holders- those who are living in the track but without titles to these real estates.

There will come a time when most all of these tracks will be gobbled up by big Filipino conglomerates.

6- To take advantage of ample space, clean living, cheap labor with the vicinity of the big city Manila 40 minutes only by commuter plane, or the burgeoning Batangas City 3 hours by ferry.

7- Lastly but perhaps the most important- bring hope and life to this corner of the world.
a- The local population is in dire need of jobs.
b- The Indigenous Peoples (IPs are a government-protected Native Tribes for their cultural values) need help in the education of their young for their own survival. IPs have a tender place in my heart and I want to bring them hope.

My own personal mission is to uplift them by showing what they can do themselves.
Let’s join hands with them in propagating their culture that asks for education for its survival, yet also tenaciously cling to the cultural heritage handed to them by their ancestors.
Let’s give a heart!💗

Recent Visitors Brought FUN! West Mindoro Bikers Club Reply

The West Mindoro Bikers Club came and paid me a visit at The Palms Resort Mindoro this past Sunday, August 31st. About 15 Bikers rode all the way from San Jose to The Palms Resort.

Those who felt lazy came in cars!

Much fun had been had by all. They left word of a next visit.

Airlines & Luggage Info Reply



These figures were accurate as of July 2014. It should help approximate expenses for the most part of your visit with us.

Airlines have “in season” and “off season” schedules that affect their air fares. June and December seem to be the highest fares for the Philippines due to classes being out in the USA. It’s vacation time. December is Christmas of course.

“Non-stop” service affect air fares. One such airline is Philippine Airlines which seem to be a little bit more expensive than most. Non-stop flight means ease for a lot of travelers and it’s worth paying the few extra dollars.

An FYI here: Philippine Airline is almost always packed. It is the chosen airline for a lot of Filipino returnees- the old and infirm, young families with kids, along with the regular tourists. The seating also leaves a little to be desired for just a few more inches of leg room.

Approximate Fares to Manila: More…

Photography Tourism On-Ground In The Tropics Reply

One of the areas of Tourism most neglected because it is readily available is Photography. Photography Tourism is taken for granted as a profession and very few seek out locations to shoot to make money on.

Surely, tropical underwater world accessible only to scuba divers is one of those magnificent shoots.

As for amateur home-grown iPad only camera users which is yours truly all I could manage to take pictures of are sunsets mostly. Oh well..

With these first two shots I thought it was an “ordinary sunset”.

Then I thought the blues were nice…

Just when I thought it’s an ordinary sunset it bursted out colours and showed me!

Never take for granted Nature’s Beauty as it unfold in front of you.
Sunsets are a very true individualist nature; no two ever are alike.
One scene will play out once in a lifetime; this is why I watch out for it every day!

Sputzli Swiss Dinner at The Palms Guest Cook Reply

When the guest wants to cook the dinner, you let him!!

Sputzli, the way he wrote it, is a Swizz- German food that’s the equivalent of fresh pasta food in Italian.

The Chef guest made 3 different types of sauces; garlic, classic sauce which was loaded with mushrooms, and Italiano which is the classic red sauce made with tomato paste.

The Champaign was chilled for 1 hour in the freezer then 6 hours in the fridge. Perfect pop!

Dessert was layered pineapple served with coffee.

The whole dinner was consumed on the porch, complete with unexpected power blackout before the rains which enhanced the romantic ambiance of the whole dinner with solar lamps.

When you come- count on the unexpected and dance with the whims of Mother Nature. I swear it adds an unforgettable element to your moment‼️❤️

PS. Power was back in 30 minutes😊

Golden Sunset Mother Nature’s Continuing Gift of Natural Beauty Reply

Golden Sunset shots on a typical day at The Palms Resort Mindoro in mid-June. The images were taken with an iPad Gen 5.

Most of the shots were taken from the porch of the Main House.

The identification numbers denote the series of shots.
The letter “A” mean the image was edited using the “Enhanced” feature of the iPad.
The letter “B” mean the original unedited shoot done right after, without any cropping or any other editing.

Why I used the term “mid-June” is because around this time the monsoon season starts to set. The presence of clouds filled with moisture give off a beautiful refraction and reflection on the seas below.

I want to invite you to enjoy this photographic gold mine which is almost guaranteed to play out for your enjoyment and satisfaction.

Oh yes, don’t forget to bring a camera!😃

Please visit our Contacts Page for more Information.

Thank you.
The Palms Resort Mindoro

Relocating to the Philippines- Retirees or Workers Tips to Consider 2

Do you have what it takes to transplant yourself to a foreign culture that may be 180' different than your own? Would you like a higher quality of life with less buck?
How about HAVE MORE but just different? Be ready because that is what you're going to have here in the Philippines.
Leverage your Euro or USDollar in a $1.00 as to P43.00 currency exchange and live it up.
Medical needs cheaper and in some areas, better. The Philippines is not as backwards as you might think.
One thing you will notice right away is how young the labor force is. This country is being run by “young people.”
Experience the varied cultures brought here courtesy of those “perky immigrants”- Korean, Chinese, Japanese, USA, German, etc. The mixture turns this country into a dynamic oriental exotique! It is one great party place.
Bring your open mind, that "get up and adventure” attitude in your bones, and never look back! More…

Mindoro means “Mina de Oro”, Mine of Gold Reply

“Mina de Oro”.
Mindoro Island’s name meant “Mine of Gold”.

There are many resources abundantly found in Mindoro Island. One I like best is the natural still-virgin swatches of forest. I never thought for the name “Mindoro” to also be a literal meaning- mine of gold.

The latest find tho is Jade not gold. Until I attended an opening exhibit of
the Philippine Jade de Mindoro display and workshop would I have known there dis also jade here.

Made by domestic craftsmen, these gems are an early excavation, meaning barely tapping into the mine. I was told the jewellery quality get richer as the dig get deeper.

The owners are a friend of mine and they were kind enough to show me a room full. A room full of raw jade! I never imagined raw jade to be these huge chunks of rocks but here they are- chunks of rocks. They come in huge blocks, some weighing 70 kilos each. Bigger if it can be unloaded and transported through jungle by man.

Stay tuned for more pictures as the workers polish up their pieces.