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These figures were accurate as of July 2014. It should help approximate expenses for the most part of your visit with us.

Airlines have “in season” and “off season” schedules that affect their air fares. June and December seem to be the highest fares for the Philippines due to classes being out in the USA. It’s vacation time. December is Christmas of course.

“Non-stop” service affect air fares. One such airline is Philippine Airlines which seem to be a little bit more expensive than most. Non-stop flight means ease for a lot of travelers and it’s worth paying the few extra dollars.

An FYI here: Philippine Airline is almost always packed. It is the chosen airline for a lot of Filipino returnees- the old and infirm, young families with kids, along with the regular tourists. The seating also leaves a little to be desired for just a few more inches of leg room.

Approximate Fares to Manila:

Info is Origination Point LAX, California, USA:
See links below for more info on each individual air carriers.

a) Passenger Type- adult fare starts at age 12. Babies and small kids’ fare vary. Each paying passenger gets their own free luggage allowance.

Example of Air Fare Breakdown on Philippine Air Lines:

Base Fare Adult 12+ @ $630.00 each +
Air Fare Tax @ at $457.10
Total Air Fare 2 Adults = $2,174.20

Air Fare Tax- included in the above figure consist of tax on the ticket price plus “fuel surcharge”.
It does not include “travel tax” and “terminal fees”.
Please note: only Filipino citizens pay the Philippine Travel Tax. If you’re a foreigner on vacation only, you need not worry about this specific tax.

b) Class or Section- for example economy, first class, business class

c) Terminal Fee- this fee is paid by all travelers upon departure only. As of July 1014 that fee is P700.00 pesos or approximately $16.70 (sixteen dollars and seventy cents). The cashier accepts cash in pesos or dollars, and also credit cards.

d) Luggages- some airlines offer liberal free allowances on their international portions of the flight. Domestic air carriers however are stringent on weight limits on free luggage allowances.

Free Checked-in Luggage Allowance- this depends on the “class” seating you purchased. In this example, it is “Fiesta” or Economy Class.

2 pieces checked-in luggage, each weighing 50 lbs each for a total of 100 lbs of free checked-in luggage allowance per person.

Free Carry-on Luggage Allowance- 1 purse, and 1 carry-all that will fit under the seat or in the overhead bins approximately 15 lbs.

Computer bags and laptop carriers- as long as there is a laptop in the bag and the size conforms to “checked-in” luggage requirements you will not have any problems w/ going a little bit over the weight limit. Be sure to tell the counter about the laptop if necessary.

**THE AIR LINES: International:

1- Philippine Airlines- We like this airline simply because it’s a direct flight as discussed above. Total flight time to Manila is approximate 13 hours.

See here for Free Luggage Allowances on Philippine Airlines
Each paying passenger is allowed the same Luggage allowance.
This works better for big groups or family travel.

2- Korean Air- newer jets, ok seating but nothing to differentiate from any other air liner. This flight stops for 2 hours in Seoul, South Korea.

3- Asiana Airlines- more legroom than most airlines that serve Asia/ Philippines. Food is eatable.. 😦 2-hour stop-over in Taiwan is normal.

4- Cathay Pacific- the most expensive so far to this point. The reason maybe is that there are more added taxes as they itemize it. Food is good. Stop-over in Hong Kong.

There are more airliners that serve USA/ Manila, Philippines but these 4 are enough to choose from. Service-wise there really is not much to differentiate any of these airlines from each other.


**THE AIR LINES: Domestic:


Destination Airport Code: SJA- San Jose Airport, Mindoro Occidental

See here for Directions and what your Domestic itinerary might look like:

1. Cebu Pacific Air

More Luggage Info

Approximate airfare is from P700.00 to P4500. This wide gap in fare depend on whether it’s “tourist season” or not.

**USD conversion to Philippine Peso:

The exchange rate as of this writing August 2015 is $1.00 (USDollar) to P45.00 (Philippine Peso).
Due to fluctuations in the market this is subject to change without notice.

Please call, text or email us with any Questions you may have:
CONTACT US– Mindoro Palms Beach Resort

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