Who Is

Update:  Sept. 1, 2019:

The winds in my mind had changed.. when I first built this resort the objective was business.
After “what happened”, I needed to re-evaluate my priorities. For right now, it’s “we will see…”

Everything you see in this Resort is the brain thrust of this one crazy woman

❤️The Boss.
A dual citizen of the USA and Philippines, Yes I am that crazy woman.
My being an American I will never trade for the world. USA is the best country to be a citizen of. Pride. Loyalty. Patriot Forever.
At the present, my endeavours bring me to the Philippines.
This is one of my passions- adventure. To travel the Unknown Path.

🙏🏻The Mission
To serve our Guests in the old tradition of Filipino hospitality
To bring civilization into this tiny speck of community
To upgrade the lives of people around me
To open up Mindoro to the world being the VP of Tourism Calintaan
I own The Palms Mindoro and Macopa Reef beach properties.

🌅The Future
I am looking for investors/ partners in  this Mindoro, Philippines adventure. I can provide you with the fine prints of “must-know” in investing in Mindoro.

There are a wealth of INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES for a place in the Tropic Sunbelt now just barely opening up to the world.

🌹The Story- How on Earth..?!
The Resort was a challenge which became a dream and now an objective. It is in response to what now..

Sometimes the circumstances choose you not the other way around. This was a dare by circumstances and I’m taking it head on. I find the challenge and the expectant result exhilarating. That feeling is what makes this venture all worth it.

The Freedom I feel in executing everything according to ME and no one else, if I say it makes me happy is inadequate and an understatement. How do you explain ‘freedom’?

I bought the property and started construction in 2010. I’ve put in electricity from a mile away, dug a deep well for water, I constructed a bridge over marshland 😓😓. NO heavy equipment except the trucks that supplied gravel, sand and cement, a Main House, a luxury two-level 3-bedroom Mediterranean-inspired Luxury Guest House, Staff Housing, Public Accommodations Room complete with tile artwork from my construction crew. Never knew they were this resourcefully talented!

I knew NOTHING about construction let alone developing a resort 😉

My experience is in Fashions

I’ve been  a merchandiser, a fashion consultant, an owner of a tailor/ dressmaking shop. I import-exported fashions in the category “Gray Market”. If you knew what that meant legally you wouldn’t dare! Ask me what the government code is for any textile or ready-to-wear fashion classification,  I will tell you based on the fiber content of the fabric from a 14-inch thick import guidebook, but never ask me anything about construction.

Never had ANY!

Well now. Here is that opportunity to be a brand new thing.
An opportunity for a life’s dream. It’s taking shape and I am grabbing the bull by the horn and running with it. This Venture is not by a company. It is by a crazy individual’s foray into the unknown. This might be the biggest and grandest dream so far which excites my imagination but am not yet putting a period on my experiences😃

Bridging two cultures, American and Asiatic-Philippines IS exciting challenge.

You are invited to this adventure concoction. Come away with me to that dream destination and see for yourself in what shape it is taking…

Drop by at the ends of Earth, fall off civilization for a week or two.
No phones ringing although there is internet now. No traffic noise. Instead-
lush green surroundings, outrigger boats, endless water, daily bright sun and at the end of day a view of the full sunset as the sun sinks into liquid horizon. Blazing colors you are blessed to see daily.

A fisher boat appears as if an apparition, gliding by on seamless blend of clouds and calm waters. It is subtle distinction that separates heaven and earth.

At the end of the day- peace and quiet.


Suggestions list of activities for you but perhaps YOU have your own ideas. Let me in on it and let’s go make it happen.

You may email me here for more information.

Thank you.


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