All Links to Read Full Thousand Autumns C-Novel -Fragmented Translations

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Following links at the bottom will make you hopscotch through all the sites that did excellent translations of this novel-turned-C-drama-turned-anime but it’s worth it to be able to read to the end, plus the extras!

Ninety Thousand Words, Audio Drama OST- let the poetic piece accompany you while you read..

..don’t we all wish that there still is an A-Qiao in this world?

The floating snow circles in the wind

A poetic soul passes through lovers

I’m used to hide my deep thoughts behind levity

Everyone has once been young and sincere

Loving someone else all by himself

Exhausting the tenderness of his whole life

I can write the harshest lines

To laugh at this dull world

But I won’t blame you with a single word

I’m too dissolute to be a good lover

Who will be such unfortunate to fall for me?

The one who fall in love first 

Was unarmed and conquered

I love the glitter in your weathered eyes

It knocked on my heart from far away

My lonely lips were granted permission

And gave you a kiss

Everyone was born to die

Almost end or almost survive

Killing themselves again and again in dreams

I can write the ultimate love and hate

To break this illusory life

But I will only write you with no dust on your robe

I’m too dissolute to be a good lover

Who is such unfortunate to fall for me?

I’ve imagined that a century passes silently

And we sleep together in the grave

I love you with the last warmth in my eyes

My hopeless heart look for you in the wild

But you will wipe away the dust on the paper

And head for your own life

Look at those homeless ghosts

Wandering from all sides, cannot make an agreement

A vintner

Should have always been sober and not involved

It’s said that fate cannot be changed

But I just didn’t believe it

Those absurd rumors

Were named “the youth”

When life passed relentlessly.


I’ve played this music over and over, missing the airing of the show. finished reading the novel, and once in a while I bump into someone on YouTube asking for the link to the translation–

There are translations out there but there is no one site that have translated this piece fully, so- what to do? I’ve compiled all the better translations- all works are CREDIT TO THE RESPECTIVE SITES & TRANSLATORS, intent is only to help out some people who want to read the full novel.

How to Read Thousand Autumns: 

I’ve read these translations now for the umpteenth time and I enjoy it very much. I’ve made little notes as to content of each.

Thanks to all these sites and efforts of translators.  I enjoy this novel and that is thanks to all who shared their hard work on something we all. Love- Thousand Autumns 

1] 💗Ch 1-69  Start with Snowy Codex –The best translation of the chapters

 Chapters 1-69 

2] 💗 Chapters 70-79 Move on to Sie Translation: 

  • Thousand Autumns “Xie Ling”, “Rouqiang”, “Women’s Clothes”

3]  💗 Chapters 80-85 

FAVORITE CHAPTERS Great Translations

SQ inside the Buddha Statue-

4]   Chapters 86-90  – Ok translation- Disjointed a bit but still understandable..

5]  💗 91 – 116 Excellent translations- and thank you for finishing up to 116!!

6]  💗FAVORITE- Finish with Spockandawe’s Edit  -SUPERB, not Translation but interpretation, as he says, and the best read to finish TA

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