Ruby v. Rhodolite Garnet, Drop the Opal! Review on Le Vian Rings

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Still on the hunt for that perfect Yan Wushi RED crown jewel ring- getting fire RED hot expensive!

Yup- the Rhodolite Garnet ring I posted, link below had been returned, all in a span of 2 days! Fast. But not as fast as Yan Wushi Lord when battling with the hateful pretend good guy monk Xueting! 😡

Update to this post==>

But- to Le Vian- no need to worry, I did return one, in exchange for a more expensive one so don’t sweat it.

~the best I can do. Ruby is still not True RED as pictured, but long ago I’ve decided to save face for the Venerable One by not totally copying his style, I’ll keep mine JUST that I want that Red crown at least. Certified Ruby, so it is. Dropped opals and garnets. After all, Ruby is Ruby Red and opals and garnets are just opals and garnets.

As can be expected, more pricey, a bigger dent in my wallet, but as long as I get what I want- it’s all ok. Wait- that is the Lord Yan’s philosophy, am I not right?

Shen Qiao: “En”

Reasons for the Return:

~the ring got to me 1 size small. Naturally I will have to return. Also that the Garnet was really a bit too dark a stone to be identifiable with the RED of the crown on YW ring. Really, this is a reason. To me.

Yan Wushi: “Hahahahaaa!!!”

~ the ring was not as impressive to me as all 49 reviewers sounded. When I opened the box, before I even tried it on, my thought was, “what were they so impressed about this?”

-this ring was prettier in pictures. It should be that it is more magnificent in real life.. though I loved the deep “V” or “Y”, depends on your mindset [mine was “Yan Wushi!!🤣] the setting was acceptable in this regard. What ruined it for me was the dark color of Garnet [I know it is darker stone cuz I have garnet choker and earrings] still, seeing it in person.. meh! One other reason was the diamonds. It lacked the brilliance I was expecting though it is only what I call “diamond dust” due to its almost microscopic size.. For the money I have to be 100% satisfied. I wasn’t so I returned.

Other Updates on the previous post with the given link above:

~it was said by one Reviewer of the Garnet ring that the trade mark, or brand “Le Vian” was NOT on the band. She is wrong. She just did not see it as it is almost microscopic but it’s there.

For very tiny letterings on ring bands- take a picture and zoom it, it becomes visibly easier for the naked eye. Too bad for that lady thinking her ring doesn’t have the mark [as I said- the brand is important and should be on the band]. A pleasant surprise await her if I ever go back to that Review board. I’ll let her know this so she can have better enjoyment of her ring.

~about the ring being in a box or not- YES IT IS in a Macy’s box. Not Le Vian box, nevertheless, boxed. That is better than what one ‘commenter’ on a different website stated, that Le Vian items deliver in a plastic bag instead of in a box. Said ‘commenter’ mentioned Tiffany and how T’s CS is so much better that they [T] are well-known the world over for the “Little Blue Box” [which signifies Tiffany in the jewelry trade business],

[watch a footage of this “Blue Box” exchange between Mrs. Trump and Mrs. Obama during the Inauguration of President 45 DJT]

I won’t post a pic here of that event…


Interesting tidbit: Tiffany

~the above ‘comment’ from what sounded like a ‘disgruntled’ client [I hope s/he was a buyer otherwise the comment is negated for the sake of fairness!] was what prompted me to check out the Tiffany website..

..guess where I might get the Left Forefinger Gold Ring??

*T- for Thousand Autumns!! ☺️😊 OR… more expensive than all the rest so far!! Then maybe look for an alphabet necklace with the letter “A” to complete the “TA”! ~~I know it does not look like YW’s Moon Over Surging Waves band [in reference to Thousand Autumn’s Mount Xuandu sword style]. Looking at the band design on The One’s Left Forefinger Ring ‘surging waves’ is what I’m reminded of.. Again, I’m making ‘tenuous’ correlations. Hey, why not?

Bai Rong: “Ai yay-yay, tsk tsk tsk! Is there an end to this chase??”

Me: Maybe NOT!! 😎😜❤️

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