Should I keep it? Should I not? Should… Le Vian Ring Thousand Autumns YW Style

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Listen to the video at the end!!

In pursuit of that Yan Wushi Forefinger Ring- this one on the right hand.. [getting a little bit crazily excited!]

Read on the link above for all other styles I considered or wanted a piece of the design- to be incorporated into ONE ring.. crazy. I know this.

This ring shown in gallery is on its way. Maybe I will receive it after the Memorial Weekend.

The jury’s out on whether I keep it or not because it is not a true red jewel on the crown. We shall see.

All reviews on this ring are 100% ‘recommend’, but upon digging some more, one review said the brand isn’t imprinted on the band itself. That’s important. On other websites it said the item does not deliver in a box, therefore the CS [customer service of Le Vian is lacking..]. If true- I agree.

Wanting to know about the history of the brand made me dig out more stuff- the company history. It seem it has good reputation with the old generation of family ownership. Management *may have broken down in the new present generation via commercialization. Heavy commercialization compromises QUALITY, either in the merchandise itself, or the Customer Service. I guess I will know in a few days..

The LOOK I’m going after. But of course impossible unless I have this ring made-to-order, which I seriously still am considering as an alternative to finding one wearable NOW 😊 ..cuz.. can’t wait! Patience is a virtue!!

It seem the Lord Yan will have exclusivity on his style after all!

Lord Yan, that side view of your ring look like the Phoenix scales on its feet, am I right? You don’t mind if I leave it out of mine? It’s quiet ugly!

The Venerable One: You are correct

This side profile of the Le Vian ring does show Yan Wushi INITIALS.. hahaha!! Of course I can make arguments pro YW ring out of thin air forging connections, tenuous as they may be! For no reason other than I WANT.. Yan Wushi-esque I think so

I WANT the ring- and I want it connected to the Lord Yan The Venerable one!! So sue me!! 😊😜

Next- go crazier with me in search of the Yan Wushi Forefinger Ring LEFT. A clue: Tiffany. Yuup…


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