Chasing After THAT Yan Wushi Fashion Statement Ring! TA

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Every girl loves jewelry. No argument. Right.

Cuz I’ma girl so what else should I start my quest on chasing after Yan Wushi style but those rings?

No one is as colorful and stylish as THE VENERABLE ONE Yan Wushi of thousand Autumns, in all of Donghua-land!

One thing is for sure- The Venerable One’s taste in Fashion is one-of-a-kind. I could almost hear his voice:

Yan Daddy: “Of course I’m one-of-a-kind. Nobody tops me and nobody beats me.”

A-ma: “A-hermm.”

First order- THAT ring- Forefinger, Right Hand.. yes, that Red Crown.

For two weeks+ I couldn’t come in here to write because I was scanning various websites for rings! Hahaha! Still at it even now.. I’m on page 30 of 109 pages! Whew!! BUT- scan them I will.. I am on a quest!

A message by holy bird to Yan Daddy The Venerable One: do you know it’s not easy to procure / copy / mimic / what-have-you- your style? That RED CROWN- I presume it’s Fire Opal. If I found a Red Opal, how about the setting?

And- HOW MUCH FORTUNE should I allocate to this ONE ring only? Please send Yu Shengyan with a bullion of gold! I’ll expect him pronto.

This one caught my eye the first day I looked. I seriously, seriously considered this because of the Tangerine Red Fire Opal crown. The color is perfect to me but for some reason the setting I couldn’t quiet get passed so I put it on hold..

Then there was this one, looks more like the Flower Ring of Beimu. I smile wryly..

Yan Daddy The Venerable One: “what were you thinking?”

Me: lowers my gaze in defeat! Nah! 🤣 Just that this one is overly much, don’t yah think?

A-Qiao: “Keep it simple. Don’t give in to the desires of this secular world…”

Yan Daddy: “why not? I am never simple. How boring will it be?”

If that was red, would I have considered it? IDK. As it is- this TEAL is ugly.

A-Qiao: “who said Teal is ugly?”

Me: “Shen daoshang, I’m sorry but this one is!”

The setting- is this one ok? If that was only a RED..

Too simple?? Yeah

Yeah yeah YEAH! I hear yah, ok? I know you’re not simple. Definitely not cheap, not inexpensive! You definitely speak your mind, you let others know what’s in that gourd of yours no matter that it is rude, crude, brass or crass!

Yanny Wushi: “I don’t care.”

Me: “Don’t I know that?”

A-Qiao: “I’m keeping mum.”

Smart, A-ma ah!!


Yan Wushi: “What?”

Me: “Possible!! It’s the wrong RED, it’s garnet. But my thought is- the setting I LIKE! VERY much! That V-band ALMOST copies your V-ridges on your band. HOWEVER- this garnet later on can be REPLACED with a Fire Opal down the line.”

Yan The Venerable One: “Still different. Still not the same.”

Me: “You are one-of-a-kind style no one can beat so I’ll save you face and not totally copy you.”

Guess what? I put in an order for this one! I think Yanny Daddy, that you should have your very own style, not to be copied by anyone, and I, for one, will also have my own style, not copying you.

This saves both our faces, what say you?”

Yan the Venerable One: “Very well. That you have to go through that rigamarole of replacements and the like- as long as you’ve decided, go with it, move forward, have no regrets.”

Me: “No regrets. But RETURNS maybe. IF I find one that is more promising than this one. I have 75+ pages to scan yet!! By the way- I wonder how much in fortunes this is in Yuan during your time? A small fortune I bet– ”

Shen Daoshang: 😒😏🤪😛 “I’m keeping mum on all of these.”


So– let’s see what happens. This is not the last word, maybe.

Hahaha!! [Yan Wushi style!!❣️❣️❣️💋]

A side Note: I’m dead. Dead, dead!!

Hey, how soon you forget? No regrets, remember??

🌹A side, side Note: The criterion I used to procure the Yan Daddy style is that there is a physical store here in my city for this brand.. I would NOT TRUST anyone online who does not have a physical presence where I am.

Smart cookie.

Who’s there??

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