Before the Night Ends so Ends Yan Wushi’s Life & Season 1, T. Autumns vid ep 16

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The Grace of a Gentleman

By the way- read CAREFULLY the LYRICS of this ending OST- there are some added cutenesses into the wordings and if you watch the graphics, same thing.

This Ending OST summarizes Season 1 well. If you watch the graphics closely you’ll get some tidbit primer into next season too. CUTENESSES ABOUND!

HULAN GU- Yan Wushi surrounded by 5 Martial Arts Masters whose sole intent it was for this night to end ending Yan Wushi’s life!!

Never mind the unwritten rule in Jianghu that a fight ought to be fair and square. Forget chivalry. Nothing were on the minds of all five masters but plain outright murder. Morality excuses were reiterated to bolster their own selfish sense of justice or to soothe guilt over justifying a murder.

The Buddhist monk Xue Ting especially. He wants to recover his power in the Imperial Court. His Buddhist sect to be related to an outright plotting of destruction of a life- isn’t that hypocrisy?

Yu Ai- Shen Qiao’s peer from Xuandu Mountains wishes he’d kill him so that him and Xuandu Mountain becomes famous again.

Duan Wenyang- a Tujue subject whose mission it was to facilitate his kingdom’s conquest of the Central Plains

Guang Lingshan- Fajing, same origins as Yan Wushi in the Demonic Sects but has traitorous jealousies and oh how ugly jealousy is to a man!

Dou Yanshan- impish chief of Liuhe Gang. How else could he stand on same ground as Yan Wushi if not for four other masters supporting his backbone?

YAN WUSHI WILL ALWAYS BE Yan Wushi… seriously wounded but his disdain for the ants in front of him he felt no compunction to hold back expressing

Only qualified opponents have the right to stand on same ground he stands on, the rest are ants Yan Wushi had no time for.

“What a pack of morons!”

If he gave the time it would be to step on them and grind their dignities to the ground. Arrogant man he is. Topped only by his Grand Master level incredible Martial Arts.. Already seriously wounded by the Gang of Five it did not temper down his contempt for those who he considers as mere annoyances

What he wants, he goes for and gets it. If it is yours it better have your name on it…

What is Yan Wushi’s is his, what is yours IS still his!! He will take what’s yours AND barters it with you for Still some more of what he wants from you- and you have no choice!

the night for dying, who decides?

Battered and bruised, evil spirit core oozing out, his qi in reverse, to say he is in trouble is such understatement! But this is Yan Wushi. He thrives on this, he eats it for breakfast and goes to bed with a smirk on his face for those ants small enough that THEY had to gang up five on him.

This man says, “I don’t think so!” “Not tonight!”

Getting everyone excitedly riled up that they bring their A-game without reserves, It makes it more interesting. He likes it that way. Boring is not Lord Yan Wushi’s cup of Starbucks coffee!😜

Shen Qiao’s rescue comes perfectly timely

It is said that it’s better to be on time than be early. Courtesy of Mount Xuandu Jinqgung, Shen Qiao twirled and spun gracefully, beautifully, landed noiselessly in front of Lord Yan Wushi- the person he wanted to see if there would be any disappointment on his face once he knew that he, Shen Qiao had not been corrupted by evil

He needs this man to stay alive. This rescue is for the world to benefit from Yan Wushi alive rather than the kill be realized

Shen Qiao had an inkling what scenario he will see when he got to Hulan Gu. Still, seeing Yan Wushi- this proud, vain, most arrogant man in the world, bloody, surrounded by enemies like a pack of hungry jackals- was still a little stunning for Shen Qiao’s sense of justice

Whatever it was that he, Shen Qiao had told himself was the reason why this rescue, seeing Yan Wushi so cornered, the pitiful way he faintly smiled upon seeing him

..while blood trails a red line on the side of his mouth totally melts A-Qiao’s heart. He can’t help but feel a burning sensation in his eyes.. fluid warmness around its base. He steeled his nerves, pursed his lips and decidedly jumped into the furor

..upon meeting Shen Qiao’s gaze for the first time since Sang Jingxing, Yan Wushi wears a concerned look on his face. FOR THE FIRST TIME

Shen Qiao- this soft-hearted man, without a trace of malice and vindictiveness in him for Yan Wushi, could Shen Qiao even had shed a tear? Did Yan saw it run down his right cheek? When A-Qiao cries it always leaves some kind of stirring in some far away recesses of his Demon Heart. Lord Yan’s core begins to… thaw? Maybe?

Is Yan Wushi capable of genuine concern for others?

When he saved Shen Qiao after the latter’s fall he had an ulterior motive not necessarily good. When he gifted this person to Sang Jingxing it was with the worst intent. Yet– here is this man, saying he, Yan Wushi need rescued, to live. Returning such cruelty with kindness that which the result is not even for himself but the world. Is there really such a man? If there was an exception Yan Wushi did not believe exists, will it really be his A-Qiao?

In the most desperate of Shen Qiao’s battle with the duo of Xue Ting and Guang Lingshan,

Yan Wushi makes a bet– with his life. The Phoenix Descending on the 9th level will infatuate a healthy person to death, let alone one who’s already severely wounded… but maybe its to… protect someone?

So now he’s dead… does A-Qiao wish he wasn’t?

If he knew at this moment that there is faint life still circulating in Yan Wushi’s dark heart- what would he think, instead of what he thought now?

…don’t make it be too late to care!!

…Now… Ah, A-Qiao, your turn to discover what it is that stirs inside of you!!

The Ending OST is different from the first 15 episode endings.
This one is a compile of Season 1, PLUS ADDED BONUS IN THE LYRICS.
Read it carefully, THEN watch the graphics with it.
Love the way they added the sweetest, cutest wordings in.. it is a glimpse into what we may expect in Season 2.
Primer for Season 2 I believe. Cool by me!!

Thousand Autumns season one ended last night. Now the long wait begins for S2 which will be like an Eternal Autumn!

This should have been posted last night but Premier Night in my zone is 1:00 am. I don’t wantta say I specifically stayed up to wait for the premier of the last episode 16, but it worked out that way. [It just worked out that way!!] Right. Not to say either, that I was thinking ahead with a little trepidation as to “what now” after episode 16? [So dramatic, right?]

Don’t blame me! Of course am still waiting for Season 2 of The Untamed. How long ago was it since Season 1 ended? Two years ago I think. So not cool.

Rushing right now while talking to docs for a surgery.. it’s hectic but don’t wanna forget what I wanted to say re Ep. 16…

ENJOY!! QIAO!! 💋💗💙🌹🌹🌹

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