Fireworks of The Gods But How Do You Capture Lightning?

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Nature entertains! How could it ever be boring when such awesomeness plays out in front of you whether you like it or not?

🚫❌⭕️ Warning: Noise!! And strange guttural utterings!

Lol.. Apologies for this poster violating your eardrums but she was just excited so pardon! 🤣 I can’t really recommend “turn volume off” cuz you’d miss the explosive sound bursts,

…on mark 9.15 listen..

Nature as always- is unexpected.

This day started with strange cloud formations.. then as cooler night air swept over warm waters, high and low pressures vie for same space at the same time.. voila! LIGHTNING & THUNDER

Who says “no two things can occupy one space at the same time”? Obviously, God, Mother Nature, can do as they want.. sit back and enjoy the show..

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