Thousand Autumns One Teases One Pouts Two Fight Together vid ep 10

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Shen Qiao pouts so cutely to the delight of the one sharing a carriage with him, the one who never misses a chance to take advantage!

However- when it comes down to it– They fight adversaries together

So cute!!

Shen Xiao: “Why do you take the trouble to bring me with you?”

Lord Yanny Daddy: “Chief Shen don’t you fear I might be assassinated in the course? I escort Yuwen Qing and you escort me.”

Me: Of course my Lord Yan, you never back off from taking advantage of pitiful beautiful Shen-Lang! I’ll take him away from you!

Yan Wushi: “You try.” With a smirk on his face

Me: (*;*)

Commentary: Do you ever believe that the minute you meet someone destined to be in your life- in whatever capacity with no specificity as to the relationships- that something in you begins to change? Whether you’re aware of it or not..

Me: I’m like Yan Wushi- I’d rather not know these things. Just to wake up one day and seeing this change’s fruit- THAT is interesting, never boring

Below, A flash of Lord Yanny Daddy’s beauty in stills,
split-second of dodging a poisoned needle attack on vid.. train your eyes. Did you catch it?
The development of friendship between these two= Yan Wushi and Shen Qiao was unexpected.
When you share life and death experiences together, what else can develop aside from dependency in each other’s company?

Qiao for now!! 💗💋💗 💜💙❤️

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