Thousand Autumns Rings of Power, Alternatively The Power Of Yan’s Fingers! vid ep 6

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Always beautifully presentable, fashionably accessorized even in the heat of battle, or even when taunting sweet innocence of a jade Shen Qiao seductively into stepping in to one of his webs of manipulations solely for his own ends- Yan Wushi is the Lord Master, Leader Yan Wushi!

Among many of his masteries is the Swordsmanship but he preferred not to carry a sword. Instead he integrated all his prowess in weapons through the power of his fingertips. One of those martial arts cultivated by his Demonic Core is Phoenix Descending..

a descent into his death IF…

His Martial Arts weapon is called Fingering, or Shooting Fingers. It is his signature move.. and

O what powers through those fingers!!

..the fingers with its embellishments tell the world its Master’s whims, without deceit of feigned modesty, quiet contrary- it is out there loudly quietly. A picture, or a presence is worth a thousand words which will take a page to describe the hulk the appendages are attached to!! 😉

..those fingers which always find their way to Shen Qiao to quiet the latter’s troubled soul~ always ever present expected or not, sometimes good, sometimes with evil intent; inevitably results in a net win for Shen Qiao.. although the bet was his life!

..they can detect life, or death. Even level of Qi, what level and kind of Martial Arts the other person practices. Those fingers set the fate of two people and countless others the world around them, but never regrets

..a beautiful jade sculpture, delicately hides the deadly kill in it, alive and warm, sensitive, desirous; if one wants to touch someone else- the object of your affection- just pretend to take their pulse!

Me: [ totally tongue-in-cheek!😳 ]

..the murderous intent! Forced to halt in the face of a rock who’s unmoved, fearless, one bearing heart for humanity yet so delicate it passes out with the blowing of the wind..! the owner’s whims and prejudices those fingers destroy, or propagate kingdoms; even kings and other masters- friends or foes give due courtesy and respect albeit cautiously..

..those fingers are attached to an over-sized ego, capriciousness, moodiness underscores the person, but no one can say he is indecisive in taking what he fancies- no matter what it is and who owns it. It took Shen Qiao years of manipulative coaxing to finally understand Yan Wushi’s means to an end. After a Thousand Autumns; who yields, who learns, who changes, who succumbs..?

..but it doesn’t matter. Yan Wushi do not have the time to lecture those he deem unteachable..

.. a natural extension of the man, the very essence of a power that can block the most vicious of enemy attacks, rides in it the fruition of schemes for better or worse. For a special somebody he plots behind the scene always to prod one into better, though the means are life-and-death

..this power apex also bares one weakness of the man of these thousand of power adjectives- his vulnerability. His demonic core and martial arts discipline through the ages of cultivation ascended Yan Wushi to this vulnerability- painful brink of death! Amazing but the man is still human after all not an immortal.. yet!

Added bonus.. just cuz.. isn’t this an excellent design? Material can be rose gold..?

..if the property one claims is theirs they better have their name on it otherwise it’s up for grabs & Yan Wushi grabs anything he wants. The power ring of Beimu- Golden Flower Fingering, not knowing at the time the true significance of it. Shen Qiao was marked for death by Kunye- king of the Left due to this object

Unfortunately for Shen Qiao even his peer Yu Ai contributed effort to his downfall..

Special Edition Episode 6– Shooting Fingers versus Yu Ai
At the beginning Yan Wushi did not care much for Shen Qiao except as a rival.. MAYBE… he didn’t know what’s developing in his Demon Heart is “caring” for another individual??
Namely of course- the Fallen Beauty from Mount Xuandu first disciple Shen Qiao…
in a Thousand Autumns, no one remains the same. TRUE

💋💋💋 Qiao for now..

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