Shoot A Lager Commercial Bonfire Party On the Beach

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 The offer is still on the table to shoot a German Lager commercial. Bonfire Beach Party setting for May Flower Festival..

…would be cool– IF ONLY I can go home!!

Places to Go, Things To Do 😟😭🤣 I don’t know if to cry or laugh!!!

  1. Scuba diving- Apo Reef, Puerto Galera, at least re-visit these places. It’s been a while
  2. Fishing- yellow fin tuna, swordfish, marlin; ever seen a swordfish swim full speed tethered to a fisherman’s line? I have. I prayed his little boat would hold up!! Talk about white waves created by the speed of the fish, then got airborne. It was the most awesome sight. See in one of below pics
  3. Boating-
  4. Snorkeling-
  5. Island hopping-  Palawan Island- Conde Nast 2015 Most Beautiful Island in the World Winner- 3 hours by boat from the resort
  6. My immediate favorite as soon as I get back from California where I am right now; is set up a floating target for (see blue tarp floaty) TARGET SHOOTING, from an outrigger boat to that tarp target..  should be lots of fun!
  7. Take out my guns and practice- don’t anybody begrudge me this- I have to be my own security! 😊 I smile but ain’t kiddin’
  8. Water buffalo race on the beach- see pic of my water buffalo pet Singa 😉
  9. Dolphin sightseeing- about 1 mile out

Showing parts of the grounds of the property- 2.5 hectares or 5 acres private beach

Food Fare

Filipino, American and German- Sputzli (spelling?) German equivalent of Italian pasta.

~ My German buddy will cook, I hope. He’s good! 😊

~ The Bar is stocked, hard & soft liquor, makins for Martini except I don’t have Vermouth! But I think I still have 2 bottles of Champagne.. 😉

~ Fruit Margaritas or green coconut water.. organic, healthy

LET’S GO DO !! I’m tired of sitting on my tush in California!!

I’m ready to party in an open air sea breeze sea spray messing with your hair..!! Torrential rains that make for flooded rivers, on full moonlit nights one’s gotta witness the whitewater shimmer of bubbles as this ferocious river drain into the sea… in solitude it’s quiet an experience to stand by it and hear the rush of water hissing..

…stand on the shore in the middle of the night, everything quiet, you see the trees twinkling with thousands of fireflies, amazing that these creatures are so small yet they can light up a tree visible on the beach.

…when you can go up to them and be in the middle of those little flapping wings… ahhh!!! ✨✨✨😢😭

Just as I was finishing this post- a “Health Alert” from the US Embassy in Manila for this epidemic, advising that some of their services to US citizens are cancelled… of course this mean to say it’s because travel is going to be difficult..

I did say I don’t know whether I’d cry or laugh… can anyone guess the answer? 💙💜💙

Me: Yan Wushi, take me away!!!!!

Yan Wushi: Hahahaha!!! Qiao!! 💙💜😭😭😭

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