The Art of Flirting S.Q. Y.W. Thousand Autumns Style

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How can a day start not with flirting?

Attention all men; The Art of Seduction starts with Flirting. If you don’t know successful flirting– you don’t know ‘Foreplay’!! Ughh!!

Take note!! 😜😊

All throughout their interactions, it always start with ‘flirting’ of some way or other..

Poor Shen Qiao! He is so out-maneuvered by the more brute force of his counter- Yan Wushi everyone knows is just this type of character- dominant. In every way, in every thing. He thinks he wants THE best of anything and he goes for it. Even to gamble his life for it.

Some might say ‘insensible’. Still others might say to feed an insatiable vanity that needs to be stroked at all times. They would be right.

But Yan Wushi does not have need for others to gratify him with their fawning; turn-off of the lowest ‘humph’ order!

He goes out to get it. He will take advantage of others to feed that ego which is as big as the man, and that mean he is the master of the world he lives in. And how big is the world?

Everyone is some kind of ant only 😟

If you don’t want to be the Ant– be his Rival. He’ll curtsy in respect to save your face. That is rare!

What does sweet innocent Shen Qiao to do against a wall like Yan Wushi?

“Dead pigs don’t care about hot water!”

All together now– bring out your Lord Yan Wushi laugh!! 🤣🤣

I actually smiled, maybe even laughed ok, reading deep towards the end of the novel and coming across this line. It is supposed to be some kind of Chinese saying?? There’s a few of them but this one stuck out to me because I deem it so funny, just imagining it.. Huh? Lol…

[ I might add more pics to below, just rushed today, today’s planned post was supposed to be “Jewelry” ]

Ah well.. I got his one out. Am happy!!❣️

A-Qiao’s expressions I love.. did I already say kudos to the graphics artists of Thousand Autumns? Yes, yes I have.. but thanks again!

I am Asian though a US citizen, but still retain some memory of “stuff Asian” like what we call “litson”. Umm.. so good but it’s touchy to cook and take 36-48 hours depends on the size of the animal.

No- I won’t post a pic!! And no descriptions either! Are you crazy!! 😳

All I could think of is Shen Qiao’s predicament..

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