That Necklace on THAT Chest! Yan Wushi Signature Necklace

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Always ever bare-chested and showing, because Yan Wushi is that TYPE OF character- SHOWY!

1. Fashion statement- the Yan Wushi Red Ochre Necklace

“Red Ochre” — my own term. It cannot be found in the novel. At least the one that I’ve read to the end. Yes I have read this novel to the end by hop-scotching thru different translators’ websites.

Thank you translators!! [ Maybe I can retrace back and post the links here for those who want to read it. I recommend. ]

To the author Meng Xi Shi- thank you for writing this novel in this way. I’ve read the Untamed also. I’ve had to skip a few pages. I just thought that some sexually explicit stuff in it was not necessary, in fact a turn-off.

Back to the Necklace–

For my interest, I’m trying to figure out what’s the ‘red’ in there. I have a thought but maybe I’m trans-fusing said thought into it.. 😳

Gotta remain objective- haha!

Yan Wushi has a lot of accessories on his person in a day-to-day dressing. Top to bottom:

~ THAT hair pin

~the necklace of course. All his accessories can be considered “signature” since it is what makes him Yan Wushi daily, but the necklace is probably THE most visible. I’ll go with it first on this page.

~the belt and what goes on it

~the invisible handkerchief! You can’t se it but it is always ever present when Shen Qiao needs it!! 😊 So adorable!!

Battling with Ruyan Kehui, hanging by a rope on the side of a cliff– so so impeccably accessorized!!

Yan Wushi, Oh Yan Wushi.. how do you do it? 💋😊

Something interesting- look!! 😜 I am shameless! But hey, I got this so… I show it

Mine I bought in one of those glass jewelry factories in Venice when I went there some time ago. I like the color red, and with the gold filament imbedded inside, it looked really cool so I grabbed this on the way out the door.

Since I live where salt water and breeze is what I breathe, this Italian made necklace with wire string had long since fallen apart. I still have the spacers and the pendant– so-

I might re-design, re-string this a la Yan Wushi!!!

Yayyyy!!! 😊🌹🌹🌹

Pics- with my 2 kids and their friends, my treat to Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve. Stayed at the Trump Tower. The tv infused in the bathroom vanity mirror was great to the kids!

The lobster– maybe I’ll call it “drunken lobster”, in reference to Chapter 118 I think in the novel- a meal with Shen Qiao and Yan Wushi – crabs, fish (??) and shrimps cooked in strong wine called DRUNKEN SHRIMP, DRUNKEN FISH, DRUNKEN CRAB.

This is drunken lobster!!

🔥🔥🔥😊 Fist bump!

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