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*Credits Page*— thanks to Tencent for putting out the video Thousand Autumns, the author, all the artists who put these images together frame by frame and make it into a ferocious sword fight!! Kudos all 💗

Thank you all concerned for bringing us the character of Shen Qiao- a heart that never changes, steadfast in its humility, grace, perseverance, honesty, being true to his spirit core. Till the Thousand Autumns ~~ could he possibly change for the better still? 

Yan Wushi- the ever-daring, overbearing counterpart to Shen Qiao, who is oh-so bare in his arrogance; matched only, and is probably foretold to everyone who faces him, by the bare chest display! Never shy, never want to hide anything from anybody, a personality with no subtleties yet utterly discriminatory, no pretenses, no scruples, because he doesn’t have to. He just doesn’t have to!! 

Through the Thousand Autumns of Yan Wushi’s life- will there be a crack of change in his demon core?

I mean, ‘demeanor’!

Web Novel: Thousand Autumns

Author: Meng Xi Shi

Channel Outlet: Tencent

Link to Tencent Video — <a=</a&gt; Thousand Autumns

A-Qiao Leaving

Ending OST background- the saddest thing- the breakup of a brotherhood

Shen Qiao leaving The Mount Xuandu Purple Mansion due to treachery by close relations, his co-disciples of Master Qi Fengge

This Thousand Autumn Page is solely for fun, some issues I need to remedy or resolve within myself !! 💋💜 Hah! Being funny!

The Resort not reopening to the public is now a foregone conclusion.

While I’d love to still be able to live there, I am enjoying my time now in California. If restrictions for travel due to this world malady is not eased- I will stay in California.

This actually makes me sad, but we adapt. Meanwhile, I do need a ‘something’ to be preoccupied with. So–

Back to old love~~ Fashions or call it Imaginations Foreplay !!

Anyway, it is going to be an expensive hobby as I have to start from scratch again..

Looking at A-Qiao’s coat jacket, I like the rounded collar. This style can be modified to a sleeveless dress in the style of the ’70’s. How neat would that be!

For my style- I love masculine tailored looks, example- the classic Men’s white dress shirt. As for the Yan Wushi look– ahh!! 😅 Seriously, that overcoat– I’m trying to imagine how it’s worn, how it’s tailored.. it seem to be a 1-piece and the sleeves and how it fastens, is the secret..

Ahh- new adventure! Let’s go!!

For anyone who knows me who strays in my business website– and now feels dizzy and asks, “what on earth happened…?” Stick to the Resort side of this site here: the last entry will always be the most recent update about the Resort:


NEVER ever ask me about anything else.. either you won’t get it, or you won’t like it IF you get it, so say, “no comment” and cease! 😉

Yan Wushi had seen countless beauties in his life. Among them, there were no lack of those who were as pure and untouchable as a flower growing upon the tallest mountains; yet he had never seen any that were like the man before him— resembling that of a god with his eyes closed, yet filled with the great tenderness of humanity with his eyes opened.

~~ credit to the English translator, unfortunately I have to dig thru the material to find said translator but I will

Hahaha! That last frame– it’s just him to say this

Ok- the two main characters are up.. next maybe- the fashion sense and fashionable items from both!!

Believe me– there’s a lot!!

To the Fans of Thousand Autumns who may have strayed on this post– HAVE FUN.

We would like to say, ” Qiao for now..” but these two are rather engages, so I’ll say it for them instead.. QIAO !!💗

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