Commentary on the Way Yan Wushi Sits- Thousand Autumns

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Why is his style of sitting worth writing about? Because mannerism’s gotta be proprietary to Asians!

…hold it!! I am Asian

As far back as can remember this was the way we sat in the family IF we wanted to be comfortable.

And of course this happens only if you’re relaxed, loose, carefree, care-less.

Yan Wushi is such an arrogant man, so add this in there. [And if you think I am not rolling on my seat laughing- thinking I’m writing about a societal mannerism AS PORTRAYED BY AN ANIME CHARACTER– hey you, just die already!! 🤣🤣🤣]

Kudos to the author Meng Xi Shi, of this web novel Thousand Autumns, also otherwise known as Qian Qiu, 千秋 to highlight some of these mannerisms..

I’ll show you— infer all you want!!! Hah!

Whether you’re sitting on the floor, on a dinner chair, or on your Porch ledge, bend the knee, raise it close to your chest, hang loose!!

That’s my porch ledge facing the beach. Of course I could use the rocking chair too and prop my feet on the ledge but meh! I prefer still to sit Yan Wushi- style!

By the way- the author made this mannerism abundantly clear in her novel as an expression of swagger! Yoww!!😜

Below- episode 6 on the Tencent video; Shen Qiao going back to Mount Xuandu Pink Mansion for the first time after falling off the cliff

I think everybody should try the careless carefree Yan Wushi style of sitting. I know for a fact that it is relaxing! I’ve watched my gramps do this all his life, I do it even now.. as I write this. On top of my swivel office chair. I tuck one foot under my thigh for warmth. So there!

If you’re visiting somewhere in Asia, when, you are shown into the receiving room, I hope you get the chance to do this!! Your host WON’T frown on you.

Don’t quote me on that!! ☺️😁😜 [That depends on the Westernization of your host 💋]

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