Bonfire Party On the Beach Trump 2020 Win!!

Venue for Trump 2020 Landslide win!!

Bonfire Beach Party 2021… Spring 2021!

To- Do:

Scuba diving- Apo Reef, Puerto Galera,

Fishing- yellow fin tuna, swordfish, marlin, etc



Island hopping-  Palawan- Conde Nast 2015 Most Beautiful Island in the World Winner- 3 hours by boat from the resort (my home)

My immediate favorite as soon as I get back there fromCalifornia where I am right now is set up a floating target for (see blue tarp floaty) TARGET SHOOTING, from an outrigger boat to that tarp target..  should be lots of fun!

Take out my guns and practice!!

Bring your camera, sun lotion, and aloe vera gel!! In case you overdo sun exposure!


Oh- water buffalo race on the beach!! See pic of my pet! 😉

Dolphin sightseeing about 1 mile out

Showing some of the grounds of the property- 2.5 hectares or 5 acres private beach, all ours!!


BTW- the food fare- Filipino, and German, Sputzli (spelling) German equivalent of Italian pasta. We’ll throw money in a hat for food and drinks, have my German buddy cook for us. He’s good!

My bar is stocked, hard & soft liquor, makins for Martini except I don’t have Vermouth! But I think I still have 2 bottles of Champagne I think.. 😉

Fruit Margaritas you might like, or green coconut water.. organic, healthy

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