Mindoro Is. PH Lodging: Palms Suite First of a Kind Luxury Accommodation

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The Palms Luxe Suite- luxury accommodation in Mindoro Island

Signature Luxe Suite of a 3-bedroom Guest House is Min Palms Resort entry into the Luxury Western- style accommodation here in the island.

As the builder I am pretty proud of the fact that this is the first of its kind luxury accommodation in all of Mindoro Island or even Palawan Island. This even with Conde Nast designating Palawan Island as Most Beautiful Island Destination 2015 (year?)

Pleasant surprise!

A German tourist quipped,  “yes, please build more of this. My friends and I want luxury accommodation like this after a day’s busy activities but there is nothing in this island.”

So there! 😊

The “show and tell” for the Vice Governor of Occidental Mindoro and his party was big success.

  1. This is a 35 ft. x 34 ft living space excluding the bathroom. It’s a huge room that occupies all of the second floor of this Guest House.
  2. Fully tiled in ceramic white
  3. Designer Lights to suit your mood, only for this room
  4. Two beds- 1 King size, 1 Queen size Novaform beds imported from USA. Guests fall in love with the soft comfortable fit as your body sinks in it
  5. All beddings imported from USA
  6. Attraction for this Luxe Suite is the Whirlpool Jacuzzi in the bathroom. Overlook the beach while you sit in your bath!  Complete with heated water. A huge shower room encased in glass perfect for two! 
  7. Fully air conditioned. Sumptuously fitted with draperies to keep you cool on hot sunny days.
  8. One other feature of this luxury suite is a sun deck facing the beach. It is excellent venue for a cozy intimate party for up to ten people.
  9. It has a refrigerator, a mini bar table/ cabinet, a dining table for 2.
  10. Security screen door so you can open it to let air through

Please no kids below 12 years old. Twelve year old count as “adult” rate.

The Palms Luxe Suite is ample room for the Executive who needs accommodation for an extended stay. Make the Resort your home base away from HQ

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