Mindoro Is. Lodging High Class- Back Pack Divers Rate

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Dolphin Room- Super bargain on Backpack Divers Budget!

What’s back pack divers and dolphins have in common?

Plenty really.

The Dolphin Room is our modest priced accommodation available. If you’re on a “back pack diver” budget but want all the comforts of a Western- style hotel room, this one’s for you.

Large closet for all your diver luggages.

For a single person you will not want for material comforts in this room. It has all the amenities you need

  1. 16 ft. x 13 ft living space, excluding bathroom, big closet for all your dive gear
  2. Air conditioned
  3. Shower with hot water
  4. Queen size bed- with USA imported mattress Novaform form-fitting bed. Sink into luxurious softness after a long tiring day. Sleep like a baby!
  5. Ultra luxe cotton beddings and towels all imported from USA
  6. 2 Porches, 1 facing the beach, 1 as you enter your main door. Nice little alcove to do your reading in cool afternoon when the beach is blazing hot!

Who says ‘thrift’ and ‘bargain’ is synonymous with ‘poor?’ Definitely you are not. Feel like a King and sleep well. Wake up around 5:00 am, open your drapery and look out the ocean.

Do you see “it?” Yeah- there are dolphin pods that come along this bay and get THIS up- close!

The Dolphin Room. You are richly deserving of all those extra pamperings we offer at the Resort, and your plushy accommodation at The Dolphin Room is not a King’s ransom but a bonus.

Hey, what else could you want? A rental boat maybe to chase that dolphin pod? 😁

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