Mindoro Is. PH Lodging Western-style Bargain Comfort

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The Coach Roomis your best bargain in this whole island!

Two beds mean cost can be split with a friend

Economy budget with a not-so-economy comfort!! The full Guest House can be rented wholly for big company, on any term like weekly or monthly or yearly.. ask for details.

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  1. Spacious 16 feet x 16 ft living space excluding bathroom
  2. Air conditioned
  3. Large bathroom, shower with water heater
  4. 2 beds- 1 King size, 1 Queen size Novaform form-fitting mattresses. Imported from USA. Dream heavenly with 12-inch foam mattress that wraps around you in comfort
  5. All beddings are imported from USA
  6. Colorful hardwood furnishings
  7. Porch facing the beach with seats and table so you can enjoy the sunset daily

So named because at the time I was putting away the keys I had it threaded on a Coach purse keychain. That pink leatherette label is easy mark even in the dark.
So there you have it. No great secret! 😊

But also that it is the kind of quality that the name evoked. One reason why I stayed with the name “Coach”. It denotes quality craftsmanship, high quality materials, REASONABLY PRICED! For the money you pay. I’m talking about the room! 😉

When I go on vacation, ‘shopping’ is my favourite activity and the ‘purses’ department is where I pay homage to first. Of course.

And Coach is almost always what I take home.

‘Almost always’ because I also have a ‘love’ for utilitarian-designed Italian leather purses.

So now you know my mindset. Hey, Woman is who makes Executive decisions around here, and it counts what’s important!

Now you know… 🌹❣️

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