Macopa Reef, Easy Day Dive for Scuba Divers

I had planned to stop building on the first site- Palms Occi and concentrate on this property. I fell in love with it the first time I toured this. Alas, life threw a curve ball and stopped me!

This property is now for sale= 7M Philippine Pesos or best offer
If interested  Contact me.

  • Description: beach front property, facing West to Palawan Island, South China Sea
  • Area: 8+ hectares or 17.6 acres
  • Topography: Land is Undeveloped= sand, plateau, sloping hill, brook, natural spring water on beach wall
  • Topography: Underwater= shallow plateau that dries on very low tide approx. 50-60 meters wide to the edge of reef, from there a drop on the reef wall of about 15 feet, goes deeper from there
  • Natural Resources: mature hardwood trees, fruit trees (mangoes, jackfruit), bananas, bamboo groves
  • Other Features: the waters on the front of property is a Marine Preserve, but is open to tourist scuba diving, snorkeling. Absolutely no fishing within the red area of the Preserve.
    Water is deep enough for big vessels for 40+ passengers. Yacht is ok
  • Development Possibility: It had been ok’d by city Council for a Resort.
    Because of the shallow plateau foreshore of the property, dwellings can be constructed here, in the style of Bali or Maldives below
    The lighter coloration on the water denotes the shallow part that dries up during very low tides.
  • Pictured below left is Maldives, only for comparison purposes. This was the kind of development I had in mind when I bought this property.


This property is water, sand, rocks, hills. Hiking this property can be done on crocs sandals, or with the help of ropes and stakes. For a leisurely walk, stay close to the beach. For intermediate hiker challenge, go uphill to some trails that meander up and down the mountain. Some descents can be 35′ degrees.

MACOPA REEF sits on hillside amid hardwood trees and bamboo groves. During the rainy season it springs water off the grounds that turn into a brook which water meanders into the sands then the sea. There is a huge rock right front at the edge of the water. Rocks jut out and vie for space with the towering trees for a perfect green environment of a forested coastline. Beautiful scenery I love. Quiet- excellent for relaxing.

One of the most endearing qualities of this property are the full grown trees that dot the hillsides and line the beach sides. Some are fruit trees, some are hardwood.

One particular tree is a pitstop to a flock of songbirds which keep the whole place musically loud.

According to your outdoor tastes, a shooting range can be developed here. This is where I come to do my practice shoots. Unpopulated crevices in-between hillsides make for perfect war-games! The hiking trails drop off about 35 degrees incline. How athletic are you?? 😉

MACOPA REEF quick video glimpse as I toured it the first time.


Underwater Protected Marine Sanctuary 

The Town Council had voted to protect its underwater Marine life.  The whole sea bed is a plateau of reefs atop volcanic rocks. It is teeming with life that is pretty young. In this shallow reef fishes and corals are still in their infancy. Due maybe to the Reef’s constant shallow nature, it’s a perfect place for hatchlings to hang out and be protected from predators. It could also be due to sun’s exposure where the reef dries up that only small corals can be found.

As you come to the end of your 100-meter walk you come to a descent in the ocean bed. This cliff drops off to about 30 feet and goes dark from there.  Bigger fishes and other lifeforms populate this deep. Different types of corals, some I’ve never seen before seem to be healthy and thriving. Starfishes and many other invertebrates also can be found.

If you’re a scuba diver you’ll love this feature of the property. You could snorkel here all day and be entertained. The rock formations that support this coral ecology are a breathtaking sight. Jagged, with lots of fissures that shelter fishes and other underwater wildlife.

Play with an octopus!

I dare say this reef’s #MarineEcology are better than #SharksCoveHawaii. Oh yes!

The caretaker had a story of a foreigner who followed a school of fishes to an underwater cave and almost lost his life. When time came to surface for air he got caught on some coral branches. I refrain from commenting as to his actions and decisions, but it’s easy to believe there are underwater caves here.

The pictures only show one-half of the length of the beach. Those rock formations cut the beach length into 2 segments. It also serves as ‘decorative’ dressing if you will.

#PhilippinesCoastalProperties are becoming scarce to find. Coastal properties anywhere in the world are gone. All have been developed. Here is one being put on the market. Fairly inexpensive.

a) Eight ( 8 ) hectares = 17.82 acres.
b) A helipad atop the hill is possible.
c) Near the National Highway but shielded by mountains
d) Other scenic natural sites formations are nearby
e) more properties and acreage may be acquired from surrounding property possessors.

This is a #BeachPropertyFireSale. Need to sell fast.

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