Clubhouse Food and Drink Menu

Palms Club Restaurant


Cafe Americano- Drip- Brewed

Instant Coffees

Domestic Organic Hot Coco(a)

Tea- all organic

Breakfast Combos:

    Breakfast Potatoes
    3 slices French Toast
    2 links (Longanisa)
    3 slices bacon
    2 eggs any style
    Hot Oatmeal Bowl
    3- stack Pancakes
    Pan de Sal French Toast

*Topping/ sauce/ syrup: fresh mangos in season, fresh ripe papaya, shredded young coconuts in caramelized (bukayo) sauce


1.  Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

2.  Turkey Sandwich

3.  Club Sandwich

Available for Lunch and Dinner, 
all Favorites of Ours!

        1. Lumpia
        2. Pansit Canton
        3. Pansit Bihon
        4. Sinigang Pork or Shrimps
        5. Chicken Tinola-                                                                                  
        6. Adobo: Pork or Chicken
        7. Fried Rice Shanghai (Chinese) Style


        1. Tea- All- Organic- chamomile, curcumin, lemon grass, hibiscus, mint, Japanese Matcha green, manzanilla
        2. Coke, 7-Up
        3. Lemonade- made with fresh kalamansi- a filipino lemon
        4. Blended frozen coffee drinks- Excellent after dinner dessert


Grand Marnier


Bailey’s & Kahlua

Tequila- Jose Cuervo Gold, Don Julio, US Kirkland

Vodka-   Ciroc, Smirnoff, Stolichnaya, US Kirkland

Scotch Whiskey- Johnny Walker

Gin- Tanqueray

Rum- Captain Morgan, Tanduay

Beer- San Miguel, Red Horse

USDA BEEF~~ the genuine article
USDA Steaks are a rarity in this country. We buy up when available. Enjoy!

1.  All- American Beef Hamburger

2.  Classic American Rib Eye Steak– imported, price depend on the market price

3.  New Zealand or Australian Beef Roasts- we will tell you which kind you’re getting

SEAFOOD ~~  all as available

1. Blackened Pink Salmon 8oz                                                                                       Norwegian Pink Salmon Blackened

2. Swordfish Steak                                                                                                                             Very lightly breaded and browned in butter. Or charcoal grilled naked (no breading)

3. Breaded Fish Fry Platter.                                                                                                       Fish- catch of the day- lightly breaded and fried

4. Yellow Fin Tuna Grill
Italian sauce baste.


FOWL & PORK~~ a la Carte

5. Fried Chicken- Whole or Half

6. Grilled Pork Ribs

7. Pork Chili Verde- taste Mexico in the Orient!

8. Chicken Pasta in Mushroom Sauce- a Resort favorite


  1. Fried Rice
  2. Chopsuey Mixed Vegetables 
  3. Potatoes- mashed or baked
  4. Leafy as Available- Ginataan gabi, malunggay (moringa), talbos kamote, etc

 Von Apetit!!

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