How Much- to the Resort + Airline Info

INFORMATION RESORT RESERVATIONS, PAYMENTS, AIRLINES EXPENSES The Resort is CLOSED.  All information presented please verify with each site owner- airlines, etc Approximation of expenses to vacation at Palms Occi Resort Mindoro, Philippines, to answer the 'How Much' question Check Room Rates here Check Food Menu & Prices here 1. IBAN/ SWIFT CODE: Direct Bank Pay … Continue reading How Much- to the Resort + Airline Info

Dolphin Room- High Class Back Pack Divers

Dolphin Room Super bargain for BackPack Divers! What's back pack divers and dolphins have in common? Plenty really. The Dolphin Room is our modest priced accommodation available. If you're on a "back pack diver" budget but want all the comforts of a Western- style hotel room, this one's for you. This room is a bit … Continue reading Dolphin Room- High Class Back Pack Divers

Coach Room- Bargain Western-style Comfort

The Coach Room Coach Room is your best bargain in all this island! Two beds split the cost with a friend Spacious 16 feet x 16 ft living space excluding bathroom Air conditioned Large bathroom, shower with water heater 2 beds- 1 King size, 1 Queen size Novaform form-fitting mattresses. Imported from USA. Dream heavenly with 12-inch … Continue reading Coach Room- Bargain Western-style Comfort

Palms Luxe Suite, First of a Kind Luxury

The Palms Luxe Room Shown is our signature Luxe Suite in our 3-bedroom Guest House. It is our main entry into the Luxury Western- style accommodation here in the island. As the builder I am very proud of the fact that this is the first of its kind luxury accommodation in all of Mindoro Island … Continue reading Palms Luxe Suite, First of a Kind Luxury

Clubhouse Food and Drink Menu

Palms Club Restaurant  BREAKFAST~~ Cafe Americano- Drip- Brewed Instant Coffees Domestic Organic Hot Coco(a) Tea- all organic Breakfast Combos: Breakfast Potatoes 3 slices French Toast 2 links (Longanisa) 3 slices bacon 2 eggs any style Hot Oatmeal Bowl 3- stack Pancakes Pan de Sal French Toast *Topping/ sauce/ syrup: fresh mangos in season, fresh ripe papaya, … Continue reading Clubhouse Food and Drink Menu

Macopa Reef, Easy Day Dive for Scuba Divers

I had planned to stop building on the first site- Palms Occi and concentrate on this property. I fell in love with it the first time I toured this. Alas, life threw a curve ball and stopped me! This property is now for sale= 7M Philippine Pesos or best offer If interested  Contact me. Description: … Continue reading Macopa Reef, Easy Day Dive for Scuba Divers